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Suggestions - audio books?

[001] Highlight of the day online: glockgal's racebending of Supernatural - and might I add, the boys look super fine XD

[002] Offline highlight of the day: listening to my friend play some music on her home piano. It was glorious and while she claims to be super rusty, it was just...*happy sigh*

[003] bzzinglikeneon is holding fansuperlatives 2010 \o/

[004] When I return from vacation, will finally be marathoning the whole of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - have had my head in the sand during everything (thank you flist for being so nice about spoilers btw!) but now that it's almost over, can't wait to watch it all in one go, woot!

[005] For once I'm going to be leaving my laptop behind during vacation. I will have internet on my mobile though so I will catch up with all email and browsing before sleeping each night. However, the lack of my trusty sidekick means that I won't have my usual entertainment.

So I want to load up my gigabeat with audio books. I'll be putting the hitchiker's guide to the galaxy on there (it always makes me laugh :D) but I'm not sure what else to include.

I'll be leaving in the wee hours of Friday (18th) so have to decide tomorrow! Any favorites or suggestions?
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay must be experienced by everyone, in any format!!!

(OK I haven't heard the audiobook before, but I'm so in love with that book)
OMG THAT LOOKS AWESOME *A* Come to think of it, perhaps Hero by Perry Moore is available as an Audio Book >_>

(I used to be walking around on campus and people would jump 'cause I'd burst out laughing at random interval XD)