Goss (gossymer) wrote,

H/D art, Eureka and library books...

[001] littlemute drew Harry/Draco art and IT IS GLORIOUS <3 I adore the background details (the archways, the sunlight, the silhouettes of the birds... *happy sigh*) not to mention just how comfy the kiss and pose are *flail*

[002] Speaking of H/D, thanks to snegurochka_lee and her fic!cookies of doom, I am now back to reading HP fic after more than a two year hiatus! Will have a list of fics I've enjoyed this week or the next...

[003] Should probably mention I'm still in 99% lurker mode. Though I did go through all 700+ messages on DeviantART so there'll be Friday Art faves this week! Lots and lots of shiny - and that's not counting any LJ art either. TBH I haven't really caught up with stuff here - have 14+ pages of lj notifications sitting in my inbox ;_;

[004] Eureka this season is back to being super shiny - normally shows seem to lose their sparkle after the 3rd season or so but the time travel changes in the fourth season premiere have me glued to the screen each week. Am unhealthily obsessed with Jo (who manages to be awesome even after her home gets blown up haha)

[005] Read a few books over the past few weeks, which I've added to my 2010 book list. Two stand out, partly because they were impulse reads off the book shelf - A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin and Children of Chaos by Dave Duncan.

This is probably why I hit the central public library downtown and picked up a dozen or so random reads:

[006] I think I'll be back to regular posting and activity this month :D

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