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Commission: Inuyasha & Kagome by Samurai-PET

Kagome and Inuyasha are one of my earliest anime OTPs and there'll always be something about their interaction and chemistry that'll put a smile on my face. And I admit, Inuyasha was probably the first bishie character I fangirled - alternately laughing and just staring at the screen during high school, all *A*

Since I adore Samurai-PET's art like mad - y'all might recall the earlier Harry & Draco piece done - I messaged asap, which was good, because slots filled up in under 15 minutes O_O

Ultimately I wanted something very comfortable, that had a certain casual intimacy to reflect all the time they've spent together. My favorite offical pics are these two so I sent them over as refs as well.

The final piece got posted today and I'm extremely psyched:

Inuyasha & Kagome by Samurai-PET

Click for full size

The artist's post is HERE if anyone's interested

I find that the lineart+cellshading is pretty much perfect and Samurai-PET's style just brings characters to life - and works especially well for anime.
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Oh, sweet! Lovely piece, I love how the realistic style is used on these two!
Usually cellshaded pieces tend to go the anime route but certain artists like Nashya and Samurai-PET have developed their own unique style that really pops. I kept thinking the artist would do wonderfully with these two and was super happy when I saw it :3
That's very pretty! I like how they look older. Too bad I'll probably never make it in time to get a commission from her. I'd love to see what she'd do with a friendshippy 1x2 picture.
Samurai-PET's style seems to translate best to a late teen/early twenties look so there were certain characters I really wanted to see done by her <3 <3
I want to say again how thrilled I was with the picture you commissioned for me. I'm hoping to post a link to it this week. It's gorgeous. *is thinking about making it a new desktop image*
haha yaaay! I had my fingers crossed since I wasn't sure she'd accepted it since her slots were full but she was super nice about it - and super fast too! They both look so mature and Duo so very male that it makes me squee :3
I really like the image!
Inuyasha was the first male character I fangirled too XD
Inuyasha was amaaaazing, and even to this day I still love it and read the occasional fanfic. IY is probably one of the very few animes where I actually LOVE the het pairings and one of the few animes where I never even considered the yaoi-side of it.

I love this piece. It is so beautiful and touching!
A lot of people tend to slam the older anime titles but I find Inuyasha actually aged pretty well -particularly the early episodes where the chemisty between Kagome and Inuyasha was really fab. I'd been primarily shipping het in those days but even since then, don't really find myself drawn to any of the slashy fanfic TBH

<3 Glad you like!
Thank you! Was all \o/ when the commish was accepted since I knew Samurai-PET would do well with it :3
Congrats on the pic! It looks absolutely lovely! The colours are so vibrant and the lines are so crisp! I love Inuyasha too! Ever since secondary school actually lol! There's something about this anime that just hits the spot!