Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Pakistan, Catching up and Colognes...

[001] There are several options available if you'd like to make a contribution towards furthering flood relief efforts in Pakistan:

  • The folks at help_pakistan are holding charity auctions for both fandom and RL stuff. If you're short on funds, but could still mail out something special, its definitely an option.

  • TheRandomAct as pointed out by carameltrap focuses on Pakistan and three orphanages in Haiti. The new campaign Misha's Run is currently accepting pledges.

  • Fans of Severus Snape can also make pledges geared towards Snape!fanfics written for snapelyholidays

[002] In other (nowhere as serious) news, my godmother gifted me with a trolley bag for groceries in Toronto which my family and I used a lot over the vacation. Unfortunately a wheel popped off last month so I'm back to lugging around heavy shoulder tote bags. I've heard of grocery backpacks but I have no idea where people get them in Vancouver

[003] Before I forget (again): watched Inception some time back and it was good - Joseph Gordon Levitt was LOVE. Though Toy Story 3 still has my heart for fave movie this year. Hopefully that'll change by Christmas, what with Narnia and HP...

[004 ] Fringe Season 3 airs on Sep 23 and I'm kinda torn about that - I mean, almost another whole month of waiting D: On the other hand it'll be like an early birthday present :D Though after watching the season premiere, I bet I'll wish I could fast forward time past my b-day to the episode on the following week >_> At this rate I might just marathon the first two seasons. I'm in Olivia!withdrawl! Not to mention Walter, Astrid and oh yeah, Peter...

Oh and if music videos could be advertisements for shows this one by hollywoodgrrl would be one of the best for Fringe :)

[005] Has anyone bought cologne recently? My sis and I are looking to get my dad a gift for his 60th birthday. He currently uses Burberry Brit and Polo Black and used to use Christian Dior Eternity, a Hugo Boss cologne and Fahrenheit (more than a decade ago).

I was hoping for something for the workplace (since its very stressful with a Boss from Hell)

Any others y'all could rec?

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