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RL, reading and userpics

[001] I've cut out caffeine from my life (at least coffee and cola) and my morning cup of joe has become President's Choice Hot Chocolate. I usually like to add a splash of milk but have found that the milk tends to spoil before I ever finish a carton.

Since I'm one of the weirdos who finds soymilk like drinking tofu, it was hard to find an alternative. Then I saw this post and omg, the Vanilla Almond Breeze (unsweetened) is a perfect compliment to the hot chocolate. The taste is sublime and I don't get those cravings as often for coffee :D

[002] I installed Mobipocket reader and after fiddling with the default viewing settings I've figured out the format that's most comfy for me: Dark grey Microsoft Himalaya font in a rather large size on an off white two page view background. I also set margins to medium and kept single line spacing.

It's like a large print book on a stand - see? The full screen view makes things so pretty and clean *A* The top black bar disappear when I move the mouse off of it too :D I just relax in bed and tap the space bar repeatedly XD

And while I can't roll over in squee when reading on the laptop, it still beats waiting 2 weeks for an interlibrary loan. The reader also automatically converts and opens pdfs and most other file formats for a single unified reading experience and omg, LOVE.

[003] Over the past month I discovered that while I didn't have a credit card in Vancouver, I could buy visa gift cards as an alternative. The Vancity Mytreat Visa gift card was great for online shopping - RBC has gift cards too but Vancity is cheaper :D Got an all-in-one printer and the Art of Avatar which is one gorgeous book - particularly the concept!scene designs.

And then I got approved for a prepaid BMO visa card - $10 at sign up and lasts 3 years so now, as long as I don't have to reserve hotel rooms (where they try to put a hold on funds on the credit card, which won't work with prepaid cards) I'm good to go! I wish it would contribute to building credit history in Canada though D:

[004]Next time I buy any books, I'm going to try getting them off of since its a Canadian book site and not only are books heavily discounted but shipping seems to be pretty decent too :D Oh and they have a sale till tomorrow!

[005] I usually manage to avoid the temptation of most WIPs (even maldoror_gw's second arc of Outlands) but for the life of me, I just can't help clicking on aggybird's fics, and Hard Sell is no exception. DAMN IT, WANT MOAR.

[006] Have updated my userpics and I even got me a Sridevi icon from this awesome bollywood icons post Though if you've had trouble putting names to faces (apart from the obvious Aishwarya Rai) check out this page
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I never thought of as drinking tofu when I gulp down soymilk. Been drinking that since I was a kid.

I love your Avatar icons, specially the Appa flying icon. Good use of negative space by the maker. My TLA download needs to be done like now.
Yeah, its the lack of familiarity with soymilk and that my usual consumption of soy is tofu - so my tastebuds keep wondering why I'm drinking instead of munching ^^

Appa is <3 Kinda want a plushie of him TBH Where are you with TLA at the moment?
I've been watching it here and there on Nick but I got fed up that I keep missing the time it airs so I'm downloading the entire series. I'm hoping it'll get done in the next few days. I'll be rewatching it from the beginning. :D
Oooh, if you find season one a bit slower, do try a few eps of season two later on, since that's pretty much the best out of all three and where the show really hits its stride :D
You're reading the Adrien English books? OMG, I love them. Do you love them? *is giddy* (Adrien + Jake + "Devil worshipers" in the screencap was kind of a huge giveaway for me. :3 lol) I love the series so much I'm thinking of reading it again. Adrien English is one of my favorite fictional characters and Jake, that asshole, I love him too. <3

Also, am definitely going to have to try that Mobipocket reader because I absolutely abhor trying to read pdf's on my laptop. Idk, but Adobe Reader isn't functional for me. But the Mobipocket reader looks pretty awesome so yay. :D

The Adrien English series is awesome, as is John Lanyon's novels in general - recently started reading them a few months back. Have to update my book list with a dozen titles but the AE books are on there already :3 I usually need fantasy along with mysteries in fics but thanks to the slash, I find the books really easy to read anyway haha. Really love the development with each installment too.

I was using Adobe Digital Editions for a bit (ANYTHING apart from Adobe Reader) and then Calibre (which I still use for converting to epub and mobi formats) but Mobipocket reader is definitely my fave at the moment, mainly 'cause I rarely notice a difference in reading even if I switch from txt to html to epub to lrf - it converts and opens them all and is a pretty lightweight program:D
Having grown up on soymilk I can drink it without blinking. Having said that, I absolutely love almond milk, especially in hot chocolate. Hope you are well.