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Ebook conversion, design and gift commish...

[001] Was rereading Maya's If You've a Ready Mind, but since the compilation pdf is huge and the format isn't my favorite, I used Calibre to convert the file to RTF and then extracted IYaRM and made it into a standalone fic in epub, lit, lrf and mobi formats \o/ Might convert the other fics if I get the urge to reread any of them in future.

[002] It sucks that everytime I come up with a reboot design I like, I find myself realizing as I'm coding that half the changes just don't gel with me for everyday reading. Am going very minimalist now (and using minimalism too, lol) and here's a look at it currently. The colorscheme is a coffee/beige background with mocha brown, minty blue and pink used for text links and designs.

Of course all I've done is figure out generally what goes where and the coding still needs so much more work (plus entry fonts, adding images etc.). Popular links, calendar et all will go into a bottom navigation all the way down so its not really in your face as soon as the page loads ^^ That section might end up being the most graphically intensive...

[003] OMG, I wish more people would try out Paint Tool SAI for inking sketches - the WIPs by artists like fightfair (enduro) makes me all *A* from the gorgeous lineart - I just adore the line variation and quality that can be achieved as long as there's a graphics tablet (or cintiq XD) on hand.

[004] Will be posting responses for the top 5 whatevers meme tomorrow so feel free to add any other Qs before then :D

[005] I asked Samurai-PET a few weeks back whether she'd be willing to squeeze in a gift commish and she was super nice about it - not to mention insanely fast as usual haha. She posted up the piece this past week:

Duo Maxwell & Heero Yuy (gift for sharona1x2)

click pic to zoom + artists's post here!

The printable version went over to Sharon who, while always being awesome in general (and a brilliant friend for spazzing about commissions with, haha), helped me out a lot while things got a bit crazy this year what with moving to Canada - thank you so much for everything *LOVES*
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You're so wonderful. I can't say enough how much I love the commission. It was incredibly nice of you to do that.

I hope it goes without saying that if I can ever help you again, I will. You also have been such a huge help in finding artists to commission. Thanks for helping to add to the galleries at my website. ♥
I don't know why I never thought of doing that :O I've got Maya's PDF too, but there are only like 3 fics out of that thing that I want to read and I hate having to search through the whole thing to find them XD

the new layout is really pretty too :)

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I know this post is pretty old and I'm not sure if you ever did split Maya's PDF yourself, but I'm responding anyway.

I had the same issue with Maya's PDF so I ended up embedding bookmarks for easy reading. And when I got the software (ABBYY PDF Transformer) I split that edited PDF into individual HTML & PDF files. If you're still contemplating about splitting the file yourself, I can save you some time. Just let me know if you're ever interested.