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Hyori, threesomes, book recs and manga

[001] This live performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has me all *A* Lee Hyori makes it look so effortlessly sexy and damn fun that I can't help but smile through it all. She looks so happy too *flails* It's vids like these that make me go, YES, She's THAT HOT, SRSLY

[002] Am marathoning Cross Game and I actually wish I could read a fic focussing on an Azuma/Kou/Aoba relationship. The little glimpses we get into Azuma through the series, the way Kou's presence makes Seishuu High School worth attending for him, Aoba being the one girl he gives a damn about...its all just, LOVE. The interaction makes me smile and while Adachi's stories usually have me championing one pairing, I just really like all three of the characters together in this case.

[003] I am mostly anxious about the news that the Skip Beat taiwanese drama will begin filming in March of next year. Part of me is glad its (finally) happening, though I know it won't really match my love of the manga. Still, Siwon and Donghae are super easy on the eyes :3

[004] It's awesome when people like thefourthvine ask their flists for book recs, 'cause the comment spam on lj and dw is always promising :D

[005] Am in the mood for some shoujo romance manga (recently tried Strobe Edge), shounen sports manga (particularly baseball, of which I read Diamond no Ace yesterday) and catching up with some titles (mainly Sket Dance and Yankee-kun to Megane-chan). YES, RANDOM MOOD IS RANDOM.
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Woot, Cross Game and Diamond no Ace \o/ \o/ \o/

This post reminds me to stop slacking off in my manga readings (especially for Sket Dance! orz) >__
Now that I'm back to manga reading, my library books are wasting away on the book shelf *facepalms* Not enough time!

Diamond no Ace was so much fun! For a game I've never followed in RL, baseball makes the BEST sports titles for anime and manga :D :D
I love baseball anime/manga too! Major is classic, and One Outs is really good too if you haven't tried it.
I have this urge to marathon Major despite the wangst of the first season and the lead being so darn arrogant most of the time. Have watched (and enjoyed) One Outs! I just wish there were a follow up season or more scanlations for the manga D: