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LJ and Random shiny...

In regards to the latest LJ debacle (best explained here), blamebrampton's post and furiosity's comment on the news post sum up my thoughts pretty nicely.

Though since its possible to track visitors with lj stats and friending is never private, I guess the only thing left was being able to know who said what where and maximizing cross-posting potential to include comments as well (which would be aimed primarily at social network users?).

Still, LJ as usual manages to implement new policies without really considering its userbase >_>

Anyway, since the flist is currently flooded with DNW posts thanks to the latest bout of LJ induced rage, its probably as good a time as any to post some links to random shiny stuff on the web that caught my eye over the summer:

General Shiny...


Useful Someday...
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well, in this case the pingback works perfectly ;-) thank you for the link and the nice words. Elisa
Haha, am of the same mind as azurelunatic in regards to pingbacks - <3 them. It's just the implementation that needs tweaking >_>

Your posts as always are super shiny :3
i am so ridiculously excited about the sharpie liquid pencil!

also, that can we date picto-guide? hahaha. i love when you share links.
Can't wait to buy one - hope its in Vancouver this month *_* I wonder how sketching will feel with it if its as smooth as a pen? I love doodling with ball pens TBH

Lol, I spent quite sometime following all the arrows - the designer is a genius! And thanks <3 <3 I figured peeps could do with a bit of a distraction from the flist wank (since LJ never responds fast to these situations and usually lets it just...fester)
love the new sharpie liquid pencil! Exciting. Can't wait to try it!

That chart was so great! I followed all the arrows too XD HI ROBERT PATTISON!

The snake oil chart is great too. I love it when people make graphs pretty <3 and it's useful to know! Vitamin C + Vitamin D + Ginseng are my daily cold-prevention remedies, so I feel pretty good about staying in the green spectrum of the chart *lol* It's always nice to know what you're taking isn't totally useless.

So many more links I haven't even waded through yet! But so great. I'm basically checking out all of them *lol* I like reading all the software app stuff, even though I'm just barely getting onto delicious (FINALLY) and still don't have a smartphone *lol* It's good to know...what I'm missing? XD

The ricecooker IS a miracle tool *_*
It might make me start sketching hardcore *A*

A friend of mine was wondering why a picture of a bone and a screw were there and I couldn't help laughing XD

Have been interested in buying a supplement or two lately and that's probably going to help me narrow it down :D

Sometimes tech news sucks when its on the latest gadget that you can never afford but I love the little software finds that make life easier :)

Is it sad that I used to have two rice cookers in Texas but since coming to Vancouver I haven't figured out the proportion of rice to water (no cup) for the house rice cooker and so have yet to use it even once! Probably need to go buy my own and then experiment with that guide...
Well, hello there pingback feature that's now actually working! (A little too well, it seems.)

Glad you liked the post! *g*
Hahaha *facepalms* You post lots of shiny stuff which I then end up pimping so you're probably gonna wanna ignore those PBs lol
That is a fabulous list of shiny, exactly what I needed on my fourth bloody flu day, Damn Mr B!
Haha, hope you're feeling somewhat better by now - or at least that the linkage provided some distraction from the icky-ness *hugs*