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If LJ's headers/banners annoy you like hell, you can install this script on Opera or Firefox (with greasemonkey) to default to the lj anniversary blue header. Since the links were still showing up in the wrong color on Opera, I switched out the banner for this one I just whipped up and voila!

Found the script via eruthros' post which also points out a script that disables the facebook/twitter options for comments. 

Another nifty link pimped was an old macro by astolat for authors to easily convert their Word files to html format. It made me wonder how authors normally convert fics these days - surely there's a tool that replaces Word's clunky formatting for easy posting on lj >_>

My dream though would be favorite authors saving their fics in RTF for easy conversion to ebooks so long time fans could read them on the go (especially when the internet is not available on vacation)

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