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If LJ's headers/banners annoy you like hell, you can install this script on Opera or Firefox (with greasemonkey) to default to the lj anniversary blue header. Since the links were still showing up in the wrong color on Opera, I switched out the banner for this one I just whipped up and voila!

Found the script via eruthros' post which also points out a script that disables the facebook/twitter options for comments. 

Another nifty link pimped was an old macro by astolat for authors to easily convert their Word files to html format. It made me wonder how authors normally convert fics these days - surely there's a tool that replaces Word's clunky formatting for easy posting on lj >_>

My dream though would be favorite authors saving their fics in RTF for easy conversion to ebooks so long time fans could read them on the go (especially when the internet is not available on vacation)
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I tried that script to make the FB/Twitter option go away, but it doesn't work for me on my PC or netbook. I probably won't worry about it, since I don't plan to use it. I usually don't re-post without asking, even in LJ (unless it's a link I know is okay to re-post).
I think it may depend on browser and layout style? Not sure D: I usually assume that 1) if a post has been made publicly on LJ, the user doesn't mind linkage on lj but that 2) most peeps here aren't all too keen on having their ljs connected with their FB/social network identities >_>

And haven't really minded the lj headers till this month's black and white butterfly one went live *wince*
Useful and nifty. Going to add this to my Mem so that I won't forget. At the moment, the cross-posting doesn't bug me that much, though I'm wary of people who will cross-post to FB. My family uses FB while I don't and I don't want them to stumble to my LJ.

The black and white butterfly header is fugly. I voted for the blue one and this one won? Jeeze.

PS: Loving TLA so much right now. :)
FB and LJ colliding (at least RL FB peeps coming to LJ) is a nightmare scenario IMO D: D:

Hahaha I didn't mind the banners till this one loaded and I was all WTFNOOOOOOOO

EEEE! Where are you at the moment? Am dying, dying for you to hit The Blind Bandit episode :D
I'm already halfway through Book 2! I just finished Ba Sing Se Part 2. I'm eating up the episodes really quickly because I can't seem to want to stop watching except I had to eat, sleep and work. Grr.

Toph is such a smart aleck. :D

Eeee! Though at least its over so you don't have to wait episode by episode - season 3 was horribly painful that way. But overall I think season 2 was the most balanced in terms of plot, humor, characterization :D

Isn't she? *LOVES*
Haha, it's awesome to marathon through five or six episodes at one go instead of waiting each week. :) I like the build up in Book 1 where the main players are introduced. Book 2 is more character development.

She gets the best and snarkiest lines in the series. I would ship her with Sokka except I love Sokka with Suki and you sort of spoil me in shipping Toph/Zuko. Cannot unseeeee!
HOW did you change the banner image? D: I want to make my own too! D:

I figured it out! LOL xD Yay banners!

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