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Artemis Fowl & The Lost Colony.

There are times (albeit rare moments) when I step back from my beloved HP fandom and go "WTF?". Because really, a single work of literature doesn't really need that much love. Or rather there's not enough love for other books that are just as good. I'm not talking about literary masterpieces. I'm talking about regular Children's books that are just as clever and nifty and just make you want to sit back and enjoy the ride.

That's the Artemis Fowl series for me. And unlike the HP books which boil down to Harry and Voldemort, the AF books are completely about their namesake. There is no over arching fight between good and evil. In fact, initially Artemis Fowl *was* the bad guy; an anti hero in as many ways as Harry is the "Chosen One". And the coolest thing is, Artemis has moved beyond labels at the moment.

In The Lost Colony he might seem very much like a regular hero - but he's actually grown into so much more. He's a Character. You look at him and he's a kid who has almost destroyed the world, saved it, protected and rescued his family, made peace with several of his enemies and still causes a ruckus because school totally bores the hell out of him. He's also anti-social, condescending, attempts to overcome the hormones caused by puberty- what's not to love?

The thing about Eoin Colfer that's particularly noteworthy is that perhaps half the characters in every new installment of the series...are new. Brand new characters complete with history, personalities et all - not the cardboard cut outs of the JKR-ilk that can have us gnashing our teeth in the HP fandom (trying to figure out if Blaise was a boy or a girl? Insane.) Colfer's world building is lovely to watch. And its all so damn easy to read. Which begs the question - why aren't authors so similar to JKR, more popular?

HP is hard to compare with other series because its a phenomenon; its culture, not just a piece of literature. The world embraced it on a global scale- it could all just be a series of coincidences that got ppl addicted to the series. So perhaps in a parallel universe the world has gone Fowl!crazy rather than Potter!Mad. Rather fun to think about.
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