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DevART Faves

Feel so good to clear off the pile up \o/ This time round the general fanart and the fantasy scenes and creatures have some really cool pieces too.

General Fanart: Thundercats | Monkey D Luffy | Billy Herbit - 8th Evil Ex (Scott Pilgrim) | Psylocke | Vagabond | Tears flow in you (XXXholic) | Death isn't the End (Star Wars) | Tamaki/Kyoya (Ouran) | Glomp Attack (Pokemon) | Choose Me (Teahouse) | Lock (Sherlock Homes) | 80 percent meme (multiple fandoms) | Heirs to the West (Inuyasha OCs)

Avatar: Aang (firenation costume) | Innocent Days | Aang miffed | Sokka | Aang expresions | the Gaang | Aang relaxing | Female OC

Harry Potter: Potter and Voldermort | Harry | Harry Potter vs Voldemort | Harry (over the years) | Female OCs (so cute!) | Next Gen: For Your Eyes Only

Fantasy Scenes: Bastion | Tokenekie | The Base | Sharpnel | Tree House Cave | City of the Ancients | Right to Decry Cover | Samarkand Island | Cage | The Great Plains | Zroooom (hovercraft FTW!) | Revival | Book Cover | The Storyteller

General Scenes: Night Street | Village | Church Cloisters | Hypnotize Me | Walk With Me | Gao Residence

Fantasy Creatures: King of the Forest | Leliel | Sorrow Queen | Dryad | Voriel Darkreaver | Shield Warden | Moonlight | Our Dragons are Better | Forest Unicorn | Alaistiar | When Hell Freezes Over (hahaha) | Kaixin and Tsing II | The Dark | Griffin | Dragon Knight | Fluid | Gothic Mermaid | Illidan

Animals: The Original Sofawolf (LOL) | The Approaching Storm | Balance Act

Faces & Expressions: Dark Velvet ♥ | JV | Bigger | Wallflower | Ren

Face & Body Design: Talis | Adrasteius (NWS but OMG *_*) | Fish Spirit | They Don't Love You | Chibis by Dark134

Poses: The Eunuch | Craziness | Jess: 1 + 2

Slash: Sleep, my love

Het: Cinderella Fetish | Salarous and Marius | Duo Couples

Costume Design: Master Assassin | Aros & Zhi | Lu Zhin

Designs & Patterns: Bastian | Ceirios Ap Aneirin | The boat | Seattle

Coloring & lineart: Good Companions & Channel (traditional watercolor) | Chandra Notablaze (metal coloring)

Tuts: Face Tutorial by Phobs | Watercolor Workshop by Gold-Seven

Misc: La (Wallpaper pack) | Katamari (food art!)

Am trying to figure out if its better to post art recs just before the weekend (so people can browse 'em on Sat/Sun) or at the start of the week (so its a welcome distraction from RL activities) >_>
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for me, I like small, one-link distractions throughout the week, but I'd usually save a list like this for when I had a little more time/wasn't immediately tempted to put off going to bed when I need to sleep XD
That makes a lot of sense :D Used to do single/few links during the week before but then I couldn't always remember whether I'd recced something out already after a while. Bigger linkspams probably do need the weekend >_> Thanks <3