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Commish: Sasuke & Naruto by Julie Dillon

The charity piece by Julie Dillon is done \o/ Been following her art for nearly the past decade and am kinda spastic at the moment from glee *_*

The concept was a post series scene focusing on Naruto and Sasuke, with them in their 20s and traveling. That way she could 1) age them up and 2) change their costumes and setting to suit her style better.

Ultimately I was looking for a fantasy piece that still showed the bond between the two even years into the future - and am super happy with the result:

Click for close up:

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\o/ indeed! This is wonderful. There seems ease and trust between the two of them which is lovely. And I like the colours. It does reminds me of a few fantasy type illustrations that I've seen too.
The atist does stunning fantasy pieces so I really wanted to see that in a fanart piece since she usually focuses primarily on original art - the result is such a treat omg :D Really happy with the mood she captured between them :3
I'd be very happy with it, too. It looks lovely. The background is so detailed, and I like the way she colored it. Sasuke and Naruto look amazing, too. I love their outfits.
I adore the little specs of dust/pollen in the air, the spray of water and mist closer to the ground, the light streaming through the creates such a good mood :3 And she has a knack for costume design <3

(( And you ever want a high res version of ANYTHING, just holler XD ))
How beautiful! You find the best artists to make the loveliest pieces!
Eee, thank you! I've come to realize that while family and friends go nuts over bags and fingers get all twitchy at the thought of art by fave artists :D
This is love. I really like the light/airy colors-- it makes it all so happy. lol. Going on my desktop background. :)
Oh that's wonderful. I love the body language and the expressions. There's a wealth of history there. And the tree walking, yay! Thank you for sharing <3
Sent a few youtube vid refs of them walking horizontal and on water 'cause it fit so well with the fandom itself :) The interaction made me all \o/ haha
Wow, that's nice. Reminds me of the Renaissance Fair. Naruto's outfit also kinda reminds me of Avatar: the Last Airbender, like maybe he's from the Fire Nation, haha.
But yeah, it's great.
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Was very happy with the changes, 'cause they still fit the characters and works - makes me wonder about the possibilities a decade or two down the line from current canon :D
This image is simply gorgeous! I like the angle in which it's drawn to me it reminds me of how their relationship works. Aside from that their clothes are done in muted colors, Naruto sure does like loose flowy clothing. The background is just....perfect. Such consideration was taken and it shows.
whoa, thank you for sharing your comission with us! haha their body language is so cute, Naruto gesturing as he talks... and he's wearing a rope belt! the setting is so gorgeous too.
I love Julie Dillon's scenes so was very excited so see it as it progressed - can't help but think Naruto would be rambling on and Sasuke would...just be very used to it XD
I really really like this. I love the costumes and their body language and it's just so gorgeous. *___*
Ohmygosh. I've been a JD fan for years but I never thought she would take commissions of Naruto and Sasuke! Like ashdjfhg WOW. Dream come true much? XD The image is appropriately stunning - but her work always is! Love the colours and Sasuke's stance and the looseness of Naruto's pose. But especially the fact that they're walking down the side of a tree! Casual as you like!

Do you mind terribly if I link to this entry via my journal? It's just too gorgeous. (If you don't want me to it's totally fine!) I am. So tempted to ask how much this cost you btw, or whether she is still taking commissions like this. /shushes though.

Thank you so much for sharing!
Fandom + JD = BLISS

I figured it would be possible to show the uniqueness about the source material without it being an action shot - and I don't think anyone would mistake it to be anything other than Naruto and Sasuke :D

No probs at all! Julie Dillon actually had an auction up for help_haiti which I bid on - not sure if she'd normally do fanart commissions but you could always drop her a note about it :)