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Random as always...

[001] The suckiest thing about having a 3 yr old laptop is realizing it doesn't meet the minimum requirements for games anymore - and by games I mean the Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta. Surely there are RPG games online in their free beta period that won't crash as soon as I open them ;_;

[002] I got the notice that Vox was closing but it didn't strike me until reading this entry that Typepad accounts usually always cost money and by switching to Typepad, we would basically be geting accounts for free :D

Since I already have permanent LJ and DW accounts that I use as fandom blogs, I figured I could use the Typepad account for something else entirely in future. So I switched to a different blog name when transferring the account from Vox \o/ However, when posting entries, my username is still goss so it's almost like a community than a same-name-journal/blog

Hopefully though these accounts will have most of the important bells and whistles that come along with the standard paid ones.

[003] Updated my public art filter with rss feeds from blogspot artists and basically doubled the size - there are still blog link rolls to browse through so might have more to add over the weekend XD Have also updated my DW layout for easier daily rlist reading since friends have made the permanent switch.

[004] Recently watched the Korean drama I Am Legend via Viiki on (up to episode 10!) and its a weird but oddly fun mix of a music band and legal cases. Am kinda glad Kim Seon-A didn't take up the role in the end since it would have given the show a very different vibe.

Other than that nothing really stood out yet from the new offerings of the season - am using the drama wikis to look up older titles (including movies) for stuff I've missed out on.

[005] Am craving Beck!fanart like hell - the only only I could find was this one by bluestraggler - WANT MOAAAAR D: I wish I knew how to search pixiv...

[006] Fic recs! Was over the moon this morning when I stumbled onto Toph!fic by [personal profile] recessional:((Am always in Toph!fic withdrawl since it usually feels like there isn't any D:))
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These days seeing any Toph!fic makes me both cheer and get very anxious, since sucky pieces makes the general lack of *any* fic even worse...
I just discovered the site wide entry search function on DW and the first thing I went hunting for was Avatar fic. Here's hoping some of it is actually good and not just my fic!deprived brain happy about finding anything at all...
I totally got a Typepad account, even though I never used my VOX account once. I might use this one though, and put my reading recs and lists up there, along with photos.
Yeah, I'm not sure what I should use it for but it looks pretty great and might be a good outlet for more specific blogging :D What's your typepad blog if you don't mind me sking :D
I kept it simple - have a couple posts up now. I am going for a more serious blog - serious writing, honing my skill. I am hoping to have book reviews, photography, and comments on life.
! Thanks for reminding me about the vox movement! I didn't realize typepad was a paid service until you mentioned it. It looks like the accounts are somewhat limited in terms of designs, but I haven't really explored!

Oh god, yeah. My laptop is roughly five years old (I've had it for three, it was a hand-me-down from my dad) and it was doing surprisingly well with games for a while there. Some games the graphics card wasn't big enough (games like Silent Hill 5, for example. Really graphics intensive games) but for the most part it would work fine. Recently, though, I think my laptop is trying to commit hara kiri or something, because the graphics card somehow managed to shrink and nothing is working properly. ><;;
I feel your old laptop pain, bro.