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Commission: Toph by Enduro

Noticed enduro aka fightfair's art over the summer, particularly 'cause of her gorgeous lineart and coloring with Paint Tool SAI as well as great character/costume design.

The concept was older Toph, grounded and in her element - not an action shot but just very relaxed and comfy - so almost a pinup style if you will, with her lying on earth/sand.

Enduro went a step further and included some earthbending into the composition that just feels so very Toph - it's almost like she's using her bending to get a view of something far into the distance.

Cropped preview

Full view:

Close up detail:

+ artist's post on DeviantART if y'all would like to fave/comment there :D
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Long hair!Toph and yet not girled up to the nth degree!

I love seeing artists' takes on grown up casual Toph :D

And I've come to realise, based on the character designs of all the othe females on the show, that Toph isn't likely to grow up up to be: 1)a midget 2)super buff or 3)extremely busty. So this interpretation is pretty accurate for her aged up IMO :D
I always imagine that the Bei Fong servants would trail Toph anxiously when she visits, carrying the fancy dresses and accessories that she invariably eschews to the above. And then her parents would D:< in unison.
It's Avatar: The Last Airbender - you can get it off GB if you want to try it :D Toph comes in during season 2 (the show is complete at three seasons)

The awesome of the A:TLAB cartoon is directly proportional to the absolute suckage of the A:TLAB movie btw
1) Love the art, it's very vibrant and beautiful. (Plus Toph's my favorite and I adore her.)

2) That's the best description to the movie/series relationship I've heard since forever.
It's a beautiful piece of art. I love the coloring, and the way the earthbending was incorporated into the picture.
I think with any other artist the bending may have looked awkward considering the pin up style but Enduro worked it into the composition beautifully :3
I wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know I've friended you! I found your LJ through...LJ hopping via friends of friends of friends. You have the hook up to BEAUTIFUL art too.