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Avatar, Tumblrs and Slash zines...

[001] It's scary how loading up the TVTropes page for Avatar:TLAB can lead to over an hour lost just following up tropes *facepalms*

[002] New scanlations of Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike! came out \o\o/o/

[003] Webcomics to get around to reading: The Meek and Fungus Grotto

[004] Am annoyed with tumblr since some users rarely bother to credit fanart so figuring out who the artists are can be super tough D: Still, there are tumblrs like dharmavati's over here are awesome for their shiny from across the globe. Though I can't help but wonder why most major specific fandom thumblrs seem to all start with "fuckyeah"...

[005] Have been rewatching Hajime no Ippo and despite the fact that they're One True Rivals, Ippo is still TOTALLY a Miyata fanboy - its adorable and embarrassing and so cute :3

[006] Realized via the FoF page that bb_shousetsu' s fifth anniversary issue is up! Also, does anyone have slash anthologies that they could rec? Stumbled onto Adamo but am such a newbie to all of it.

[007] ali_wildgoose pointed out her Avatar Big Bang fic Son of Heaven (Iroh gen) lead me to skimm through a few of the avatarbigbang fics out so far and Meet Me on the Solstice by downjune stood out for being long and plotty and having bonus Zuko and Toph moments :D

The timing couldn't have been better since just last night I went on a DW site search for ficcage and many, many clicks later ended up on LJ again, combing through suzukiblu's fics on white_knuckle. OMGSOMUCHLOVE. She writes not just my OTP (which is usually non existant in fandom) but pretty much everything - so her writing request memes are a giant boatload of Avatar love.

And so, some avatar fic recs...

Writings by suzukiblu: the ficlet These Days (Zuko/Toph) as well as the following drabbles with: Other fics read...There isn't any long Zuko and Toph grown up fic yet though *lives in hope* Can't help dreaming of one with plot and decent characterization (which can be a rarity) - oh HP fandom, you've spoilt me completely over the years.

[008] Art recs will be out a bit later since this week is all non-DA stuff so the links take longer to organize. But it does make it easier to keep track of artists and the handful of friends interested get to share in the bounty :D
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I wish I knew where the hell the 'fuck yeah' thing started from~ but wherever the hell it started it is creepily everywhere. At least it makes fandomtumblrs ridiculously easy to recognise. XD
Haha yes, as soon as I see the "fy" or "fuck yeah" I'm half inclined to click since I know there'll be some fandom pretty on the tumblr :D
I had no idea that 'fuck yeah!' is a fandom thing. I use it when my football team soundly trounced a rival team to show my joy.

You are a glorious person for the Avatar fic recs because I've been wondering where to go for fics. ILU. Adding this to my memories so I can go back and read whenever.