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Sketch drive, awards and crossover fic...

[001] Fanartists are doing a sketch!drive for pakistan donations - you can read about it here and here. If you're an artist with some hours of free time on the weekend for sketches, it might be worth participating and even if you aren't, spreading the word will help a lot. God I ♥ fandom

[002] Only HP fandom would have an awards meme called The Golden Penis Awards and have a follow up to help build community and overall cheer on DW XD

[003] Have properly updated my WIP list of commish!art and charity!fic (access/friends locked). Have noticed over the years that unless I keep a list, I forget to message peeps until several months later *facepalms* It's mainly HP, A:TLAB and GW with one or two other OTPs from other fandoms.

[004] Scrivener - has anyone used it? I ask 'cause version 2.0 is in the works and I was wondering if its mainly used by authors or also for other projects in progress - especially if one needs images and video incorporated too. Or is there some other tool used for something like that?

[005] [personal profile] recessional pimped out The Mummy/Indiana Jones crossover fic and I coudn't help going OMG at "Indiana Jones meets Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell" It also reminded me that Josh Lanyon is coming out with a "1930s AU Indiana Jones type adventure with paranormal elements" this year, called Jack of Swords, which you can read about here

[006] Note to self: make a list of bloggers who do linkspams (and tag them as such) like tammylee so you can track 'em all >_>

[007] I really don't get why people pimp links to their mirror!blogs in sticky posts or profiles when said mirrors are completely empty. Do y'all enjoy making us click links only to hit the back button repeatedly? WHHHHHY?

[008] Zombiesmile opened up commissions, started offering greyscale work and reduced prices: full figure greyscale (cell or soft shading) is $15 - the commish page is here and here are some examples of work: 1 | 2 | 3
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I like to assume they're fellow procrastinators who forgot about those links/mirrors in the end but some days, yes, it feels like they're sitting somewhere snickering evilly at the people clicking futilely at their linkage D: D:
*tiptoes towards your WIP list, clicks* *whispers* Final final beta just received back half hour ago. Revisions fairly easy, to be done after work Thurs and Fri. If I can let go of the tight fist I have around the damn thing and actually wrap my brain around the idea of finally making it public (really the only thing holding it up at this point), I can actually post it this weekend.


I know. ;alskjfl;dskjflj.

Happy Birthday, you. ♥

edit: AHAHAHA, omg I was totally thinking your b'day is the 16th! So now I'm going to be early. lol. :D

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WOOOOOT! Early birthday presents are THE BEST *tackelglomps* Been trying me best not to think of the fic since then I enter spazz and flail mode haha Am so psyched :3 Eeeeeee!