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Athena, Naruto and Art (mine and others)

[001] Lee Ji Ah and Cha Seung Won totally get down and dirty (in so many ways) in the trailer for Athena, a new kdrama that starts airing in November. I suggest skipping to 2:45 for the best bits and the fangirl screaming that starts up as soon as CSW is seen :D :D

[002] Am definitely in love with Paint Tool SAI, particularly 'cause of the smoothing option on its brushes when inking stuff digitally. I can go up to value 15 to help with my shaky hand and the negative values slow down the brush response to allow for long, smooth sweeping lines (legs, skirts etc)

Ended up doing a body sketch followed by a rough character concept for older Toph in her twenties - will probably do one or two more designs (so I can compare what fits better) but here's the one done so far - ultimately, this one probably just builds on elements from past commissions.

Used this photo as reference for the pose though I haven't added in the metal bo-stick she's leaning on. I like to imagine Iroh gave it to her as a gift, with dragons carved on it. The gauntlets on her arms and legs could be gifts from Aang and Katara :D Her hair is actually a long braid coiled round like a bun - a smaller version of this (kind of) - anything other than the beehive >_>

Am still beyond sucky at drawing facial features so I might need to focus on that separately (and intensively) after a few more costume designs. The next costume will follow more along the lines of designs in korean dramas like Jumong for instance (which occured during the Han dynasty period I think?) Might try to incorporate elements from the Tang dynasty for a more accurate depiction but I really just want to capture the spirit of Toph in the designs.

[003] This nartuto and sasuke picspam reminds me of all the reasons I heart this OTP <3 I really want to find some recent awesome fics with them now - maybe I should go through sn_exchange's past few rounds...

[004] Out of a lot of the new non-DA artists I'm following, Britney Lee stands out for her gorgeous layering, cutting and arrangement of pieces of paper into scenes like this one from Lion King.

Spinning Dreams and the peacock here are also lovely little pieces :D Not to mention her paintings are simply charming: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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