Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Commish: Zuko & Toph (scenic) by Anndr

Anndr opened up commissions at the end of last month and couldn't resist the opportunity of getting a landscape piece focussing on Zuko and Toph.

The concept was a rural, almost abstract landscape at dawn, with rice paddies et all. Zuko and Toph (in their twenties) would be on a crumbly old wall overlooking it and framed by bonsai or cherry blossom branches (with the pink adding contrast to the scene).

Zuko's relating a humorous anecdote, gesturing with a hand and Toph finds it all pretty funny. Ultimately its a quiet moment in the early morning with just the two of them.

View: Bigger, almost wallpaper size

Close up detail

Tags: avatar commish, commish

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