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Hot art, layout and rage

[001] Yay for bisexuals, pansexuals and girl on girl fanart by sairobi *fans self*

[002] Got super tired of my LJ layout and did a pre-reboot reboot? Basically the new planned color scheme with an older layout - will experiment with fonts for embedding (particularly for titles of entries and the header title itself) and try some things out over the next few weeks.

[003] I find it embarrassing to run/jog outside since I'm slow and huffy/puffy and go bouncing/bopping about, so I very much appreciated this article [personal profile] cofax7 pointed out on slow runners. My favorite post was actually this one since it gave a different view of a marathon race from a slower participant's perspective.

[004] questofdreams pointed out her Sasuke/Naruto art for sn_exchange and THERE BE DRAGONS <3 Well, the boys are still boys but have dragons around them?

(though now I have this Spirited Away/Naruto fusion idea in my head where Sasuke is a dragon >_> DAMN IT)

[005] I went from an LOL reaction to Mark Reads Harry Potter to near rage while reading the comments to his commentary on Draco's face stomping in HBP. His reaction felt very much knee-jerkish in the "How Dare You Do That To HARRY???" which I admit, had me laughing a bit, especially with the WTF!RAGE INDUCED CAPITALS.

I find at times there's a definite POV bias to Mark's readings, which is probably the norm but most of us had years between books to interact and squee/rant with fellow fans, read meta and absorb fanworks and basically let ideas and thoughts percolate and see things from other sides (including Slytherins').

Mark on the other hand has had to actually stay away from the comments section for fear of spoilers, which, when a blog gets this popular, is pretty guaranteed.

So what we get is pretty much live!blogging of reading a series and even the follow up posts after each novel ends are more of a solo effort ultimately than what we saw on LJ following the release of HP books.

Still, since live!blogging is rather addictive, we can't help but hope to re-experience the thrills and angst vicariously through the blogger. So Mark's knee-jerk reaction brought out a lot of like minded Draco hate from followers.

I'd forgotten that HP fandom is so huge and fractured that I've gotten sheltered from all the Draco!loathing - that a lot of readers never delve into the discussions, meta, rants, squee - or even just bottle it up in the face of it all - so they just can't help but go "YES, WE HATE DRACO AND DRACO FANS ARE NUTS"

It infuriates me probably because these people have read the final book and yet brand Draco a coward and fans as deluded and simply in love with fanon!Draco.

On a certain level I'm aware that the blogging has brought a lot of people out of the woodwork, not just from other parts of fandom but also 1) those who never read or finished the books or 2)those who don't get involved in fandom.

Still, the comments here seem to go from "OMG, HE'S AN ASS" to "It's all Cassandra Claire's fault that people love him!" to "He's a coward since he attacked a poor petrified classmate!". And in what way or form is Draco the equivalent of Edward Cullen, what? *shakes fist with rage*

And then we have bonus picspam of the Draco from A Very Potter Musical who pisses me off like hell - his portrayal there drives me into "GRR, ARGH" mode. Out of all the ways they could have parodied him, they did that? Crawling over the floor and exclamations about pigfarts OMGSTFUDNW!!!

The two bits that finally made me step away from the laptop were these:

"people love fanon!draco. and fanon draco is nothing like canon draco. he wears leather pants and is sexy, good-looking, and amazing. canon draco is a coward always." - source
and this explanation of the bad!boy syndrome Draco!fans supposedly have:

"Everyone hated Harry for acting like a little shit by CAPSRAGING in OotP, because they expected Harry to be a better person for being a good guy. Draco, on the other hand, can have his faults ignored because he's a bad guy, of course he's gonna be a little shit" - source
Really people, really?

ARGH, not reading the comments ever again. I might read Mark's reaction to Draco's monologuing at the end in the Tower!scene but will sit on my hands and not click the comments button. EVER. AGAIN.
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Re: Draco
Just. ALL OF THIS. SO MUCH. And this is why I have absolutely NO desire to watch A Very Harry Potter Musical. To have them do that is just so fucking INFURIATING for me. And yes, Cassandra Claire IS to blame - but she's to blame because everyone thinks that THAT'S how fans see Draco, LOL XDDD

And also - AGREED with the comments button. NEVER AGAIN. I've been in the HP fandom WAY too long to have to be going through this shit again with people who don't know what they're talking about, LMAO XD

Sorry, I'm just so happy someone else is thinking this too XD (And if you're ever looking for good, canon!Draco fanfiction - check out bitchet - UHMAZING.)

Re: Draco
Initially I tried the first part or two but went WTF as soon as Draco came on screen - it started as horrifying and then...some how got even worse D:

Couldn't help wondering how old the DT is - do newer people ever even get around to reading it? What is it about Draco though that makes general readers/fandom/public dismiss fans as being there simply for the eyecandy or fanon portrayal?

With all the rage about Avatar, Scifi/Fantasy authors, hollywood in general etc. I didn't think I'd be feeling this way all over again about HP. So much DNW omg. And yeah, have been totally spoilt by lj discussions that the comments there just leave me not knowing where to start. I actually yearn for first wave meta in comparison to those reactions ARGH

*hugs* Same here - wasn't sure who (if any) of the flist lurked on MRHP sometimes ^^ And thanks for the rec :D :D Am looking forward to HP fic for the weekend haha <3
I haven't watched that and while everyone was fawning over that musical, I thought, 'BLEH.' It didn't interest me.

Haha. I'll admit that Cassandra Claire's fics were what endeared me to Draco but I love canon!Draco, too. For all his being petty, spiteful and mean. Harry was just too perfect and a bit too self-righteous for me.

That's the problem of HP for me. It's all so one-sided. We always get to see things from Harry or the Golden Trio or the good guys' POVs but never from the other side.
RE: Draco but mostly Slytherin re: mark's reaction. Yeah I think for me the problem is mostly that Mark said in one of his post blabla people who post spoilers are like slytherins. And that bothered me a lot, because I've always hated the abuse Slytherin gets and how JKR wrote tbqh, since I don't understand how you justify having a group of people basically stamped off as evil and untrustworthy by the time they're eleven in your school and then be surprised and or indignant that they do behave in the ways you villify them for.

Of course, this was a view that was only partly shaped by the books and more by the amazing meta and there are so many things that Mark writes as a reaction that make me wanna go: slow down and think about this I'm pretty sure you'll see it in a new light... >.>

Ugh, this is why liveblogging is on the one hand fascinating and on the other frustrating, since esp. with JKR's books meta is imho desperately needed, since her books are written to fit the world view of one person, so it's severely limited.

I have this whole rant of CH3 of HBP since that made me almost throw my copy of it across the room I was shaking with anger so hard, and I can't even read the comments on Mark's blog on that entry, since he apparently disagrees with me and I'm sure most of his commenters will as well.
[004] There are not enough Spirited Away crossovers :/

[005] Lol, that fanon view of Draco is so old! The fandom has at least a couple different versions of Draco since then. Personally I was a bit disappointed by the treatment of Draco, and Slytherins, because not one was mentioned as fighting against Voldemort because they felt it was the right thing to do. Uh, what? Apparently JK has said some did, but that wasn't mentioned in the books, so... I didn't really expect Draco to battle Death Eaters wand blazing, but still, it irritated me. That your fate is apparently sealed when you are 11 when a hat decides which house you are in (as others have elaborated).

I tried reading DT around 2005 but um. The first couple of chapters did not live up to my expectations. Things seldom do I guess. I was always more of a Maya fan XD;;
Mr Brammers put down Book 7 when it came out and said 'I spent the whole thing waiting for Draco Malfoy to catch a break, because he was a bloody idiot for most of the books, but you could see why, and then he was a bit brave in this one, as well as being still a bloody idiot a few times, but the author still wanted us to hate him. I reckon he was ripped off! Yay Neville, though.'

My fella is a wise chap! For my part, while I thought Draco breaking Harry's nose was horrible, I also thought it was a great dramatic moment and perfectly right for someone who was furious at his father being suddenly ripped out of his life and something truly terrifying taking his place. Mark seems to have forgotten Narcissa and Bellatrix's words to Snape already.
I gave up on reading Mark when I realized how much he hated Draco. Not that I don't think he can't have his opinion and not that I don't have dear friends who agree with him about Draco and with whom I agree to disagree. But, after reading some comments on his blog about Draco and other Slytherins, I just decided it was better for my blood pressure to stay away. (This is the same reason I don't read the comment pages on Salon.com too. *g* I get appalled too easily by people sometimes.)

I frankly like all of the Slytherins better than a good chunk of the so-called good guys. They're far more interesting to me, and if that makes me a Slytherin apologist, so be it. I spent years arguing with my RL friends who read HP but weren't in the fandom about the fact that Snape wasn't evil; he was just an arrogant asshole which is entirely different. And I'll argue the same about Draco and the fact that some of us actually LIKE arrogant assholes, dammit, JKR, and it has nothing to do with having a crush on Tom Felton or Alan Rickman, for the love of all that is holy. (Sigh. That comment of hers has always annoyed me.)
I guess some people don't get that a character could change as they grow older. Perhaps those commenters haven't changed much since high school. Or are still in high school? Draco obviously had bad influences in his youth and needed to re-evaluate. That he would grow up and not be an emo teenager for the rest of his life is such a huge jump, you know? :P

I was so annoyed when JKR said we were all just in love with the bad boy and that it bothered her Draco had fans.

Of course, I identify with Draco. So, my attraction is completely narcissistic. ;)