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Credit, Asian movies and Charity!fic

[001] While I have a prepaid BMO credit card, it doesn't actually contribute towards my credit history, so I need to get a regular (non-prepaid) credit card in the future.

There aren't too many comparisons between no annual fee Canadian cards so I was wondering if anyone has used one of these:Since I have a debit card with points from PC financial (my primary free bank account) and the prepaid BMO card is a mastercard, I'm thinking of going for a Visa card instead. Still, I got an application from PC financial for their mastercard so I'm not sure...

I also have a free bank account with Coast Capital Savings which I use for paying rent et all - so I was considering their Visa card listed above, even though they aren't one of the Big Six (banks)

Anyone have experience with any of them?

[002] Am very much looking forward to Mary Stayed Out All Night, a kdrama airing from November. All three leads are people who I've enjoyed watching (though I refuse to ever watch He's Beautiful, sorry Jang Geun-Suk) - Moon Geun Young hooked me and Kim Jae Wook sealed the deal. I just hope the drama is halfway decent D:

[003] Note to self: compare fonts on So You Need A Typeface for use on layout here

[004] Baby!Sherlock Holmes comic FTW - yes, babies and NOT chibis :O

[005] Sinfest has had a slow but lovely buildup for Crimnee (the bookworm) and Fuschia (the pink hellgirl) over the past year and seeing the last two pages ( 1 + 2 ) had me kinda emotional since we usually see Fuschia head over heels in love but not quite the other way around <3 Ended up going back and reading their relationship from the start *happy sigh*

[006] ANYONE HAVE RECS FOR ACTION FILMS? Of the far eastern variety? Preferably Hong Kong or Korean? My dad and mom got faster internet back in Dubai and his first question was about movies to watch. He's the kind of guy who loves to watch Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington, Michael Douglas etc. I really want him to give some eastern movies a try (that aren't hindi)

He enjoys action with a blend of either adventure, thriller or drama - but doesn't really go for comedy!action nor sci-fi or horror or extreme gore (which cuts out a lot of Japanese movies I think...)


(( Basically she finished the sequel to the Teddy/James/Scorpius fic Scorpius Malfoy's Very Bad Week and it can be read overhere: Teddy Lupin's Month From Hell (or on AO3 here ))

It's for the livelongnmarry auction of 2008 and is just LOVE. Threesome fic that focusses on both the smut and the characterization and relationship development is srsly rare so *happy sigh*
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CIBC's Visa Classic card has an interest rate of about 18.5% and they're CONSTANTLY calling you, I don't know if it has an annual fee. I got the card about... four or five years ago, started at $500 and now I've got $5,000. I only got this card because I needed credit. I generally use it for online purchases since I forgot the chip password LOL I'm NOT a fan of CIBC but I need the line of credit. Woe. :\

TD Visa Emerald card has an interest rate of about 8.6% and they only call maybe once every three months, but it does have an annual fee of $25. I got the card about three or four years ago, started at $2,000, now I'm at $4,500. This card also has a chip password.

I bank with TD and I've never, ever had a problem with them : )

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Was leaning towards CIBC since they run PC Financial and are the biggest for Visa cards but not too keen on constant calls >_>

Not too worried about interest rate (pretty much only for building credit and not going to carry a balance on it) so I might only do an annual fee card with lower interest later if needed. But I have heard good things about TD's service so definitely considering them, thank you <3

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When they do call they're just asking "O, SO DO U LIKE THE SERVICES?!" or "CAN I INTEREST YOU IN (INSERT PROMO)? NO? WELL CAN I INTEREST YOU IN (INSERT PROMO)? NO? WELL--" etc. etc. etc. LOL They don't like listening to no at CIBC.
omg D: Right now I'm definitely leaning towards TD, RBC and CCS - though I remember having one late payment years ago with a credit union in Texas and they had it go on my credit history *shakes fist* so it might come down to TD and RBC...
Thanks for the link to So You Need A Typeface. I use some of those fonts all the time at work. :-)
I love how they have the most standard ones (Helvetica) next to others like Zapfino and then throw in the nightmare of all fonts in there just to freak us out (Comic Sans, lol)
I'm interested in Mary Stayed Out All Night because of the three awesome leads too! :D I hope it lives up to the expectations! :)
I'm quite nervous about MSOAN and Athena, the latter of which I'm really just watching for Lee Ji Ah and Cha Seung Won (who aren't even the leads XD)

But am hopeful - I usually dislike at least one main lead in dramas so this will be such a relief...a triangle where I can actually imagine a threesome in my head, hahahaha <3
sadynax's fanart of Sherlock Holmes (of any version) is nothing but piles of adorable and awesome. <3
I'm not much help on the credit card front, because I use the student versions of everything, but Scotiabank really likes bothering you with 'customer satisfaction' calls. Just putting that out there.

So you need a typeface is awesome! I occasionally switch fonts for my lab reports just to keep my TA awake, so to speak. This makes me an unbelievably obnoxious student, but honestly, we spend 4 hours on these things! I want something to revel in. *sulks in corner*

*facepalms* Why can't companies have opt-outs of these things whyyyyyyy?

Hahaha, as long as its not Comic Sans or something equally vile, I'm sure its probably appreciated on some level mwhahahaha

I did and it was good :D Face-wise there's a resemblance, but the features are softer? And Colin's acting never quite clicked but Benedict's does, oddly enough (the Merlin fandom has totally flown right passed me after season 1 hahahaha)
We have RBC Classic 2 Visa cards. They are great - we get awesome rewards (we usually cash in for $25 Future Shop gift cards, since they have the best dollar value for the points).

We've had them (separately and together) for about 4 years now.

Also, I have heard good things about the Shoppers master card, since you get awesome points for it.

I had a National Bank of Canada Mastercard, and it was good, but I got no rewards for them.
The Classic II has an annual fee but I think its down to TD and RBC at the moment :D Don't really shop at Shoppers (Superstore is closest and I use the debit card with points for those purchases) but will keep that in mind if/when I move :) Thanks!
I haven't watch Hong Kong movies in ages. The last one was that silly Stephen Chow comedy. There's Infernal Affairs which Hollywood did a remake that I detested. The original was better.

If your dad likes period action movies, try anything by Zhang Yimou. For old school, try John Woo. His last one had been Red Cliff which was epic and I love it.
*HUUUGS* Thank youuuu - will google Zhang Yimou and check what's most recced :D I think i've only seen Kungfu Hustle of Chow's ^^ My dad watched the Departed and I know he'll probably not sit through Infernal Affairs even though its the original *sigh*

Need to pay more attention to John Woo, gah.
Kung Fu Hustle! That's the one I was trying to remember the title of. Left me in hysterics.

Zhang Yimou's most well know action period movies are Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Daggers and Hero. His movies are brilliant for the visual and for having strong women.

Haha. John Woo did a lot of classic Hong Kong action movies before he jumped Hollywood.

I almost forgot. I'm reccing IP Man which is also another period action movie. My brother raved about that one a lot. It's got Donnie Yuen and Sammo Hung. :)
Those are pretty much ALL the period movies I've seen hahahaha

And actually want to rewatch Kungfu Hustle sometime now - it was definitely hilarious :D

IP Man? Will check it out and pass it along \o/
I love my PC Mastercard. I have a CIBC visa for those few times some place takes only one and not the other (like my dentist), but the PC Mastercard is great on points, even better than the debit card (you get the same points that you would with the debit card, but EVERYWHERE!). It's the only card I've had with a points system that I've ever ended up getting anything from (and I've gotten hundreds of dollars in free groceries), and it doesn't have an annual fee. And their customer service is great; most of it is accessible online. And since it's a mastercard, you can use Paypass with it, which means it's usable at Tim Hortons ♥ and means any place with paypass you don't have to sign under $50. AND they're moving to chipcards, which means you won't have to sign at ALL, just use a pin number like with debit.
I didn't realise there were places that only take one D: I normally use my debit everywhere but if its not accepted and my BMO has not been topped up with enough cash...can see how problems might arise :(

Definitely sure I would be using it only rarely but for future reference the rewards are good to know :D Also kind of want customer service where I can walk into a branch - which already doesn't always happen with the PC debit (they just tell me to call the help line) so I'm thinking for now I might have separate cards (debit vs prepaid vs regular credit) from different banks and see how things are for the first year or so.

After that point I might get a new primary credit card and use the older one as a back up :D
Belated thanks for the mention, btw!! ♥ AND belated Happy Birthday! Gah, I finished the fic and then appear to have checked out of fandom for a few weeks. :/

Still so delighted you liked it, though. ♥♥♥