HP trailer, new shows and H/D fic

[001] OMG @ the brand new HP movie trailer - y'all can watch it at best quality over on the oficial site (loads up immediately after the logo) - remember to click full screen for the best experience!

Plus if you click SKIP after you're done watching it, the animated background of Hogwarts burning is just stunning. Saw the teaser poster of it before but the animated version has me collapsing sideways.

There are 80 stills from the trailer posted here + older official photos from August.

[002] Being Erica, WOOT! Watched Glee first and skimmed through a majority of it (definitely like the new character though!) but it was Being Erica's new episode yesterday that was LOVE.

[003] On new shows...very interested in checking out Undercovers, especially since my first initial glance at the male lead had me thinking of Morris Chestnut - who is definitely the hottest actor in V

Also want to try No Ordinary Family (hey, am a sucker for people with powers), The Event, Better With You, Lonestar and maybe Hawaii Five-0 and The Defenders (as a counterpart to The Good Wife, when it starts back up again on the 28th).

BTW, cannot wait for The Big Bang Theory and Fringe tomorrow today! Whoa, should be sleeping ^^

[004] If Facebook had always existed... via questofdreams - totally made me snicker XD

[005] libby_drew posted up H/D fic for Glompfest on serpentinelion!

Srsly, with all the tv show premiers and fandom shiny, this would be an awesome week...if not for RL woes bringing me down *sigh* I would kill for a shoulder and back massage D:
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Definitely, definitely rec Hawaii Five-O; the two male leads will have you all \O/ over their bickering and chemistry. XD
Have a feeling I'll get distracted by Grace Park tho XD Been hearing about the two male leads and I'm hoping its not simply bromance for the sake thereof but more - and that they don't cut the screentime for the chromatic characters for fanservice in that regard. But...*lives in hope* Going to wait for the first three eps and then marathon it :D
LOL @ the Facebook thing.

Sadly am not watching any new shows coming out but that may change in a few months time. I've said I won't watch Glee and see that I give in four months later.

I read that fic yesterday or was it the day before. It was the only one I read that didn't have any tropes in it.

I totally blame fandom for when I end up checking shows I initially had zero interest in - enough talk, spammage and squee makes all the difference - but if the show doesn't click, all that's not enough to keep me around tho D:

Srsly? Wow! Hope to read it over the weekend if all works out :D
Eeeee -reading it over the weekend :DDDD It's part of the Things for the Weekend that actually make me happy and squee haha
Seconding the Hawaii Five-O rec. Lots of hotass in that one and the bickering is fun too.
Holy shit Fringe starts back up?! AWESOME!!!

Man, all my previous fav. shows ended (white collar, true blood, covert affairs) and all my OTHER favs started! (glee, ncis). And now I can add Fringe and TBBT onto that list!

Man this is going to be an amazing season. Woo!
Dully ignored XD FRINGE MADE ME WANT EPISODE TWO NOOOOOOW (just like I knew it would) and TBBT had me laughing so hard - god, definitely missed it.

Forgot how much fun fandom is at this time, what with new TV, far eastern dramas and anime starting up :D
Yes, why does rl even exist?!?!? So annoyed. So much porn to read. :P