* birthday cake

A memorable birthday...

So tonight my laptop screen ended up dying on me. It comes on for a few seconds before flickering off, which luckily was enough for me to get my cintiq hooked up so I could use that screen instead. However, once the laptop screen no longers gets even that flickering, I won't be able to do the switch (fn+f4 key doesn't work normally)

My first feeling was overwhelming panic and a cry of "NOOOOOO!" but for now at least I can transfer all my data to my external hard drive before I repair/replace the laptop.

Will most likely head over to Best Buy before meeting friends tomorrow and see if there's anything on clearance (repairing the laptop would hit the $200 - $300 range so if there's a $350 laptop, that might be worth it)

This week has been a mix of highs and lows so just have mixed feelings about the b-day at present >_> Hopefully the group!lunch will make things better ^^
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Its not yet the 26th were i am but i wanted to say Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one!
Haha *hugs*, not yet 26th here either but I'm behind most of the world so RL peeps have already called lol <3
ooo I know how that is. I am always behind in everything. lol. I once called a friend 4 days before her birthday cause I kept thinking I was going to forget it. lol

I hope you find a new pc. I will cry when mine takes the good old bucket. I will miss him lots. lol
Happy birthday!! I hope you get your computer laptop taken care of. I hate computer stuff. My life is my computer and I will be the first to admit it. May you have a good year.
Thanks <3 Laptop problems always stress me out but while hardware problems seem to kick in always after 2 or yrs, this one was pretty great on the software side, even with Vista - here's hoping I can find something under $400 :D
:( That SUCKS lady. Maybe you'll get lucky, and this will be a "when one door closes, a window opens" scenario and you'll get a wicked laptop replacement. I'm glad you have the chance to back everything up first, at least.


Haha thanks <3 It seems there might be one on sale for $350 and a dual core for $399 - i'll have to talk to family and see ^^ Will hit the store first thing in the morning *crosses fingers*
Oh no! Laptop dying on your birthday sucks, but now you can treat yourself to a new one, right? *hugs*

Happy Birthday, my dear! Many happy returns.