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Charity!pic: Harry/Draco by loika

Thanks so much guys for all the birthday wishes <3

It was a pretty good day and I did end up getting a replacement laptop this week- my sis loaned me a bit so I managed to get a 17 inch laptop for $499 from the Source (linky) - processing and RAM weren't as good as the alternatives (A & B) but since it was 1) Dual core, 2) had dedicated video memory and 3) a big HD LED LCD screen, it definitely worked.

Its more of an affordable desktop replacement - and with a resolution of 1600*900, working on photoshop and viewing vids is just fab \o/ The audio sound was also a pleasant surprise :) Now I just have to get used to Windows 7 and install the big design programs - using the portable version of PS CS5 for now but will install the proper version in a few days.

There are all these little preferences to adjust - from mouse speed to default program associations and windows themes. Here's hoping I'm done by next week tho >_> And still not used to the touch pad - my finger keeps dragging/getting stuck, argh.

In the meantime, loika sent over the Harry/Draco charity piece for help_pakistan!

The concept was the two boys older and in the air, possibly just after racing. Draco is dressed to win (more fitted/streamlined clothing) while Harry is a lot more casual. They're laughing and enjoying themselves and Draco pulls Harry closer...and you can totally tell what's going to happen in the next moment hahaha.

Love the artist's use of negative space to set the mood and intimacy \o/

Click for bigger view:

Edited the clothing colors a bit (added the green gradient to Draco's top and the denim to Harry's pants in particular). Any errors with those are mine and not the artist's.
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All of fandom is SO AMAZINGLY LUCKY that you commision these and share these with us! Man, this is beautiful!
I can't get used to a touch pad myself. I either press down and drag my finger over it hard or it just slips over it. Same with touch screen phones.

That art is just guh. Not only that, Harry's wearing a green cloak. <3
I love it. What a perfect little moment. The colours are fantastic too.