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[001] Discovered the chinese manhua Feng yu jiu tian which is a new ongoing yaoi title based on a super long set of epic gay novels. I kinda wish they were being scanlated by more than one person since translating itself takes a while, so when one person has to do everything, burn out is much faster and the series is quite unlikely to get finished at that rate...

...which is particularly depressing 'cause the art is GORGEOUS - the first volume is 100+ pages and the RAW can be found here off of nihonomaru if anyone's curious.

[002] Moments of Rapture's contest entries are up! There are 9 long fics and 24 shorter pieces of 1x2 goodness <3

[003] Have come to realise that I actually like the Xxxholic anime more than the manga, simply because all the TRC crossovers are edited out of the anime so things don't get overly convoluted like in the manga. However, still need to catch up with the OVAs (Shunmuki and Rou) so that might all change...

[004] Notes to self - catch up with:[005] Am annoyed with Firefox since its the only browser which doesn't load fonts on lj if its not installed on people's computers. Chrome, Opera and even IE (srsly, IE!!) work fine, but Firefox doesn't allow font-face embedding if the files are not stored on the immmediate site server.

Maybe if I linked to the style sheet instead of copy/pasting the css and placed the fonts in the same directory, it might work - will try later. Very happy with Fertigo Pro, Fontin and BPreplay though - they make the minimalist look super smooth :)

[006] If you're in the market for a new computer or LCD monitor in Canada, gazaro.ca will help you find the best deals available and also track pricing of goods so you know if the deal you're getting is worth it or not :D

[007] Got quite sick of chicken as my main meat and bought a 1.45kg slab of beef for a pot roast - did this recipe but added lots of vegetables. Cooked it for 2.5 hrs and it was a definite success - especially since beef normally turns out tough, chewy and dry when I skillet fry it D: Oh and I also slathered lots of spices and herbs over the meat before baking which helped flavor the vegies too :D Had to strain the liquid when making the gravy but it was totally worth it \o/

This also led to me buying some prime rib roast that was on sale at T&T yesterday - will probably do it again this month :D Also got some wild salmon on clearance and some pork shank which I cleaned up and cubed at home before freezing. No more meat shopping \o/

[008] How's everyone enjoying the new season of shows? Still need to try Joseon X-Files and Sungkyunkwan Scandal and am reserving judgement of No Ordinary Family, Hawaii Five-0 and season 2 of the Good Wife until a few more eps. Still, Fringe and The Big Bang Theory have me very happy!

From older titles, am finally catching up with Sengoku Basara Two and was thinking of trying The Inbetweeners but not sure - any opinions of the show? And when is Togainu no Chi supposed to start?

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