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Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Horizon revamp

[001] OMG, Sungkyunkwan Scandal ♥ Why oh why didn't I watch it earlier? But I'm sort of glad I didn't realise that its 1)focussed on students and 2) has a historical setting and 3)a crossdressing female...'cause that just meant more to watch in one go *happy sigh*

I adore historical fantasy novels that focus on young adults coming of age and getting an education/training and and the social drama involved - and the crossdressing female student reminded me of my old love of Alanna Trebond except its totally different 'cause its a korean drama which makes it more addictive and *_*

Though it figures that I would like the second and third guys more than the main - Goo Yong Ha is such a sneaky little devil and Moon Jae Shin has moments when he's so adorable mwhahaha.

TBH tho, I thought I was finally getting over student!dramas but have come to realise that it needs a particular twist (asian or fantasy historical setting) or medium (animanga or novels) for me to go <3

Am going to check _kdrama and kdramas for icons now :D

[002] Also totally stoked that Toph is at the top of wistfuljane's Most Awesome Asians list \o/ And the picture used is perfection.

[003] Between Grass Eating Men and NEETs I've been thinking more about how people's goals and way of life are changing - and how the extended family still somehow expects you to gain the same kind of success at work and marriage that they managed decades back. ARGH.

[004] Remember the banner I did a while back so I could replace the rotating headers on LJ in my browser? Well, I got around to writing up more css and while I tried out several colorschemes (pink, green, blue and even a more corporate mint brown) I ended up with the original minty blue green in the end. Used my old revamp idea from last year and got this:

Bigger Preview

Posted it up as a userscript here on noveltybox and on mintyapple and it should work on whatever browser people use :D

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