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Fringe is LOVE

Guys, if any of y'all have ever thought of trying out Fringe, pick this week's episode (Season 3 Ep 3). If that doesn't make you go and marathon all the previous episodes...well maybe the two part second season finale will?

In any case, the point is Fringe is AWESOMESAUCE and while initially people may have compared it to a more extreme version of X-Files, that hasn't applied for quite some time now and OMG, what's happening in the latest season is just so damn unique and brilliant that IDK, you need to sit down and watch it since talking doesn't compare even a smidgen.

It's exhilirating to see where it gone and how much further it could go - epic doesn't even begin to describe it. I think of BSG and Doctor Who and all the other sci-fi/fantasy shows that have gotten huge and personally I find that Fringe actually hits a lot more of my trope!kinks than any of them - and that's on top of characters who make me all flaily from the kick ass awesome these days.

The show has really gotten BIG - I can't say hit its stride TBH, because next season won't be anything like this since things keep developing and if it somehow manages to be ever more awesome, oh god *_*

Fringe is one of the handful of western shows I'll watch each week since its works beautifully in that format, being part episodic while at the same time feeding into the overarching plot and mythos of the series.


Second: ALTERNATE UNIVERSES FTW! I think I've loved the trope since Sliders used to air on TV and even that was more of a !lite version since the characters there never really revisited worlds - it was more of of a tour. With Fringe we really get into things: the diverging histories and character doubles and issues inherent with the meeting of both worlds - repeatedly - and its just, well, orgasmic.

The key is probably that they let us get close to the characters first and miss some that died or went bad and now we have a second chance after two seasons and fuck, its amazing. They waited so damn long before pulling out this card *flails*

It's kinda brilliant that they're switching between worlds, though I hope at some point, if there's a resistance movement to avert the destruction of both worlds, that they find a way to, IDK, keep two way communications going somewhere so maybe we aren't stuck with one world per episode (which makes me yearn for a glimpse into what's happening in the other world)

In particular I miss the quieter moments with Olivia's sister Rachel and Ella as well as all the fabulous quirky moments with Walter and Astrid. Walter is a Character; he can be gross and eerie and somehow charming and sweet and lovable at the same time. That one moment with him in this latest episode made me wish that they weren't devoting whole episodes to each 'verse since it means half the Walter!time - and like with Joey in Friends when he compares Mayonnaise and Light Mayo: WALTERNATE IS NOT OUR WALTER, GIVE US OUR WALTER NOW

Though I do love Olivia's alter!verse partners. I adore Charlie (OMG CHARLIE) and Lincoln so damn much - more that seeing Ollie paired with Peter on cases in original 'verse TBH, since those boys have such great chemistry and interaction with her . I'm sad about Charlie's injections since unless he gets cured its unlikely he could survive on the other side in the long term (unless he's a baddie) D:

I find it interesting how Lincoln and Peter didn't notice anything different about the Olivia in their lives and even Charlie pointed out how he couldn't tell and so he can't trust anything now. And considering how our Charlie died, I'm so damn happy that he's so darn suspicious - please don't die Alter!Charlie PLEEAAASSE D:

Though I admit I want to hit Peter for being so oblivious - at least with Lincoln, our Olivia has all the memories and mannerisms of Alter!Ollie. Peter has no such excuse - and there are so many moments where scenes would just not occur the same way if original Olivia had been there.

I think I did like Peter a lot in this episode though - a few stolen moments as a part of Olivia's buried psyche reminding her how important it is not to forget things - god, I loved that. I loved that it was the fact she wasn't really Alter!Olivia that saved her from death on her very first day.

Am just so stoked about two Olivias since there is the possibility that even if one of them does get paired with Peter (*facepalms*), the other is free to remain solo or wait until someone with fantastic chemistry comes along.

And while I can easily say I LOVE CHARLIE, its not so much as as a romantic interest but as a partner and a fantastic character in the show - the exchange between him and Lincoln about not being able to tell between the Olivias was awesome and just <3

Need to note that I do like Frank as a love interest in Alter!verse to an extent...but I'm also kinda suspicious of whether he's a plant or not - and if his going to Texas was a cover for something else entirely (like giving an update of his own undercover operations to someone maybe?)

Lately, with my western shows I'm not really crazy about having romance thrown at me - the Shamy in Big Bang Theory, the Olivia/Peter, the argumentative dude Adam in group therapy in Being Erica - I kinda like surprise chemistry and all the subtext and UST rather than the actual relationships (since I think fandom does the romancing better?)

Moving on, was wondering if its just me or does Astrid looks kinda alone in Alter!verse? At least compared with our Astrid, who has a certain happy vibe working with Walter and even all the strangeness. With our Astrid it feels like she takes the time to unwind after work, with friends and family. Alter!Astrid however, seems to treat her job as a Mentat as her life, and a not so happily fulfilling one either - its not just the almost military vibe but I never realised how different her disposition could be.

Going back to Olivia, I find it interesting (and a relief) that even brainwashed, we can still see glimpses of original!Olivia peaking through. Alter!Olivia makes me nervous since the hints we get of her ongoing mission make me fear for Walter et all. It's probably why I'm not that comfortable in the original 'verse anymore, since our main protagonist is gone and while Alter!Olivia is more loose, she's also undercover and it puts every scene on edge. I adore seeing her with Walter and her sister and niece though, since they do connect to her and maybe it'll hit her that they're not really the enemy? *lives in hope*

And is it weird to say that on some level I'm happy that original Olivia got brainwashed? Sure I was desperate for her to escape Walternate's clutches in the season premiere and was all "NOOOOOOO" when the fake memories set in. Still, you know its never going to be permanent and this way she gets a chance to experience what it would have been like with a normal childhood (and not as a Cortexiphan!kid) and it could lead to getting Charlie and Lincoln into more permanent roles in the shows.

And how about her dashing in and saving the day? You can tell she's the God Damn Hero while Alter!Olivia is more of a team player, even being in charge of enemy operations in the original 'verse. Maybe its also 'cause she's undercover but Alter!Olivia doesn't have that doggedness and that need that original Olivia has.

Though Original Olivia + Alter!Olivia's humor and swagger = BIGGEST GIRL CRUSH EVER OMG. I don't think I'll ever stop loving the brown hair either.

How awesome is it that while Walternate can treat Alter!USA as his own science lab, now our Walter is in charge of Massive Dynamics (which is a global conglomerate, am I right?) - I doubt Walter is going to use it towards defeating Walternate but maybe at some point Peter could run it in his stead and leave the Olivias (both of them) free to run around and save the day.

At this point I kinda want a series with both Olivias and Astrids, Main!Walter, Charlie and Lincoln along with choice moments with Peter, both Phillips, Walternate and Olivia's family. The great thing about having two worlds is that I do get all of them, even if its not in the same episodes (yet)...

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