Goss (gossymer) wrote,

new becomes newer!

Since I was sick and tired of trying to find a temporary replacement for my layout I transfered my lj style from the flexible squares system to the smooth sailing system.

Unless you love CSS, don't try it. It took forever, and there are still problems with comment formatting - but I'm somewhat done.

Take a look

I'm quite addicted to flexible squares (my first love) but for a while now I've been interested in trying out something like component, opal or smooth sailing. So I found a pretty template by absonant and started the transfer. Though it would have been impossible to get everything done without s2smoothsailing, especially their tutorial index, with the complete explanation for the css code.

After all that tweaking I think I've finally gotten used to css- probably will try the_lj_reboot in future ^___^

ETA: Everything is fixed and should work perfectly *bounces happily*

Son of ETA: Added tiny custom user info pics from famfamfam's icons

Grandchild of ETA: I'm changing it yet again - so this is going to be a work in progress for this weekend.
Tags: layout

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