Celebrating Women - an icon meme :D

...which also might be known as the Fuck You, She's Awesome meme XD

musesfool did a fab icon!spam of women in fandom, RL et all (which was a bit of a way to get past the wank about this failtastic flowchart for "strong female characters") and has a better explanation on her own post <3

As always, I'm a sheep and couldn't resist the shiny of an icon meme about awesome women :D :D


































# If you'd like to use an icon I can look up the icon maker so y'all can credit them ^_^
# This became a post since it felt inappropriate to spam this many icons in a comment
# It's all pretty much a compilation of past, present and future icons of awesome females :D
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Looking at your icons makes me realise that I do have a fair amount of women (be it fictional or real) icons myself. Most represent the type of women who I feel are strong in personality, emotions or mentality in their own way.
beautiful icons! My default is of course Minus, an awesome little girl from Minus Comic ♥

I'm glad you posted this btw, because I hadn't seen it and had found the chart problematic but wasn't able to articulate it and that post did it very well! THANK YOU ♥
I feel like I could stare at this post for an hour, it's so pretty and amazing. ♥
*points at icon* I do not have many userpics myself, but this one needed to be said. XD I love how many of yours are expressions of emotion, and closeups of gorgeous and complex faces.
lakjsd;laksd must acquire Fringe icons STAT

also these are gorgeous *thumbs up* :D :D :D
You have icon!Susan! :DDD

I consider Morgana's character more or less assassinated by Merlin, but Morgause remains the awesomest of awesomes. She's survived 2 seasons as the villain in a show that usually explodes them by the end of the episode, so yeah.
Who made the ravishing/Sukki icon. It's brilliant and it reminds me of the exact moment I started shipping them. XD