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Books, SPN and Inuyasha by Razuri-chan

[001] This is the first year I've actually kept track of novels read so I'm pretty psyched that I might actually hit the 50 book mark \o/

[002] I found it interesting that while October Daye #2 was rather lackluster, the third book in the series, An Artificial Light was great - which makes me wonder if I should go back to old fantasy series that I dropped and pick up with the books after the ones that I gave up on. Maybe the authors had issues in RL or writing which caused the quality to fall, albeit temporarily?

[003] I look at LJ stats now and then and there was a very weird spike on the 12th for just three hours which made me all o_O 'cause 1) I hadn't posted for several days and 2) individual visits and lj users didn't change an iota, so it was like a person or a site...downloaded all the entries on my LJ *paranoia creeps up* D: D:

[004] My interest in SPN fell after the first and second season, mainly 'cause of the plot direction and Jared's acting skills (or lack thereof)

So I was surprised by how much the anime trailer worked for me - not just for the awesome blend action and elements of horror but 'cause Dean's mannerisms remind me of Jensen who I ♥ and there's enough of a departure from the original source material that the annoyances didn't surface. Looking forward to the first episode in Jan!

[005] Am thinking of using a background pattern and came across several on patterncooler that I'm thinking about: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

The nifty thing about the site is that you can input color codes from your own color schemes and the site will generate the backgrounds for you - which can save a lot of time experimenting in photoshop TBH :D

[006] Razuri-chan did a sketch page of Inuyasha and Kagome for me! Here's a preview:

Close Up
// Full View on DA
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You are way ahead of me. I have only just started my 18th book. But I did really like most of what I read this year. :)
Most of the titles are light reads though - and a number are ebooks (particularly the M/M and Josh Lanyon titles). A year or two ago would never have thought I'd make the switch from paper but its so much less stressful not having to worry about returning books to the library and how on earth I'm going to carry all the books when I move XD

Do you have your booklist online btw? Always on the lookout for more to read haha :D
Fandom are divided over the anime but for me, it's like a meshing of my two worlds. I'm definitely looking forward to it next year.

How is the anime a bad thing for some people? But yeah, SPN has so much potential in this format so am pretty stoked :D
They're complaining about how the character designs don't look like Sam and Dean, it's going to be full of lulz because it's Japanese anime, etc, etc.

IKR? In anime form, it means a higher budget which means they can do so much more than the show itself. Plus, more monsters and they can make it scarier than the show.
*facepalms* If they'd done a western cartoon ala Justice League, I doubt the character designs would be as good >_> Have a feeling quite a few fans probably think of shows from childhood when they think 'anime' - which is sad, 'cause Mad House has done quite a bit of stuff I've enjoyed (Beck, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Summer Wars etc.)

*_*I wonder if they're gonna stick to the same storyline as the TV show or if they'll deviate and include their own Monster of the Week episodes and main story arcs? TBH I'd love something original mixed in so its not necessarily a rehash of events already seen all the way through >_> Either way, looks promising :D
They're going to include some original episodes from what I know. I'm hoping it means maybe a Japanese monster or two because Asian monsters are ten times scarier than the usual Western ones.
OMG YES! Plus there's that overexposure factor where we've seen so many versions of vampires and succubi that they aren't as scary anymore - but stuff like the weeping angels (Dr Who) or Koh the Face Stealer (Avatar) stand out, not to mention the demons that show up in Mononoke, Natsume Yuujinchou were fascinating particularly for the less well known backstories/myths.
I'm going to watch the anime Supernatural too! I watched the first two live-action eps but they just didn't work for me as I'm not that into horror. But I want to give it a try in this new form!
OOh the Supernatural anime looks quite interesting! I definitely want to give that a try. :D