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Arima & Yukino (Kare Kano) by Sihu

Can I first say that Sihu is AMAZING? Srsly, the amount of detail and effort she put in left me in awe and *worships* This was the second (and last) charity!pic from the help_pakistan auctions last month and even with RL craziness she kept me updated almost every weekend and was just wonderful <3

The concept was Yukino and Arima from Kare Kano on vacation abroad in Venice. From the initial concept sketches I loved the atmosphere and charm that the bridge evoked and by the time Sihu got to coloring and adding the little details...was pretty much floored *_*

She has a uniquely beautiful coloring style and I could stare at the streams of water and textures for ages, before going back and grinning at Arima and Yukino :D Just...SO MUCH LOVE!

Click for bigger version:

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We'd tossed around the idea of Hawaii or a local Japanese holiday but in the end the Venice scene seemed to just pop the most :3