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Commish: Zuko by Saharaam

Had asked Saharaam earlier this year for a pic of Zuko firebending. As a fan of wushu , she was pretty enthusiastic about it and came up with several ideas and scenes before completing the piece bellow. Adore the movement and the firebending effects :D

You can also see a close up and alternate scene ideas (night and day) that were discussed under the cut :3

Click for full view:

Alternates: Day and Night scene ideas - click thumbnails for full view:

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The one on black with the fire in the background is *awesome*. She outdid herself they look great. :)
There've been several firebending Zuko pics on DevART and the best ones tend to go with black backdrops to show off the fire effects :D
Oh, beautiful! And I love the different backgrounds! You pick the best artists for commissions; what would we do without you? :D