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[001] Got all the subs et all for Sungkyunkwan Scandal so I'll be marathoning episodes 11 - 20 tonight :D Its probably the only drama from the past season that had me flailing so *very excited* Also going to see if the first episode of Mary Stayed Out All Night is any good, despite lack of subs...

[002] Also managed to install The Last Remnant and its so shiny! Though the lack of a pointer has me all o_O and I kinda wish I could splurge on a gamepad controller for Windows but they go for up to $60 ;_;

Between this and Aion and Guild Wars, I don't mind the wait till 2011 for Blade & Soul. Only get around to playing them once in 6 months anyway (yeah, yeah, definitely not much of a gamer >_>) Will look up a walkthrough for TLR so I don't sabotage myself midgame accidentally...

[003] I find myself using books instead of LJ to soothe RL woes these days, which means I'm actually (sorta) making a dent in my ebook collection :D :D Though I was surprised by how the first books in some series could be good and then the follow ups could be absolutely terrible - I wish they'd stayed stand alone (like the Sirantha Jax series and Sir Appropos of Nothing *shudders*) - though On the Edge by Ilona Andrews was good as was Song of the Beast by Carol Berg.

I think amongst my favorites this year were the two by Kate Griffin - A Madness of Angels and The Midnight Mayor. I keep thinking of them fondly and wish I didn't have to wait till next year for The Neon Court .

KG is actually a pseudonym for Catherine Webb and I want to try the eight earlier young adult books she wrote - unfortunately, the ebooks are hard to find and the library doesn't have them either. Will probably try Interlibrary Loans at some point instead.

[004] Usually I'm not really keen on long haired Harry and Draco but red_rahl's comic strip Chasing Pirates sold me completely *_* Not to mention the tattoos and the hot smexing *fans self*

[005] Never thought it would happen but I'm actually watching Vampire Diaries - why? Well, two words: Caroline Forbes. I liked her in the first season but I was resigned to the character becoming fodder for vampires, especially after the season finale. With season 2 though - and a kick ass but still quirky hillarious Vamp!Caroline, I'm interested in seeing where the show goes. It's a good thing its deviated so much from the source material :D

Also, have done a 180 on the Salvatore brothers - after certain scenes, I found myself really warming up to Stefan this season while Damon left me cold. There is definitely a lot of fail to go around but between Katherine and Caroline, the show got a hell of a lot more interesting.

[006] Notes to self - try out:[007] It kills me that only 6 out of 18 vols of Hyakki Yakoushou have been scanlated so far, especially since there are 4 month breaks between chapter releases from ETC. I know I should be grateful for *any* scanlations at all...but I can't help wanting more ;_;

You changed your layout! :D

Kuragehime is seriously underrated. Like Tokyo Mag 8.0, it has to compete with bigger series like Star Driver and other fanservice-type anime.

Haha yeah, switched it out in September :D

Most of the peeps who follow up on new anime are watching Jelly Princess so it might be that its less people actually checking out the new season? TBH there are only 3 to 4 titles I've downloaded to mararthon!preview ^^

And when I got the notification in my inbox for your new icon, I was all *A* Automatic grin!
Most on my f/list are watching it and because I keep pimping it out. This and Star Driver are the main attraction for me this season.

Kuranosuke is just about the most adorable character ever. I'm trying to find subtitle-less screencaps for this series to icon. Most of the icons I've seen don't catch my eye.