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Deathly Hallows!

Watched HP7 Pt:1 and...itwas kind of a downer? Not just the overall tone and monotony of the film but I never realised how much I depended on the ensemble cast for the love - DanRad, Emma and Rupert have never really clicked with me as actors so I found myself very much removed from their scenes.

THE SHINY: Adored Luna so damn much, along with the Malfoys (never took my eyes off Draco), Bellatrix and the Snatchers (and Bill was shiny indeed). Loved the polyjuice!moments especially.

I wished they had actually condensed the 2 parts into one movie and glossed over all the endless camping. I understand they're trying to milk the movie franchise for all its worth now that its winding down but still D:

Dobby's final scene did have me teary eyed, though prior to that I kept going o_O at the cgi - it's improved loads since the early movies at least ^^

I don't know, the bleached out colors, the Harry/Hermione shippyness that had me face!palming (has any director NOT shipped them in the various movies?), the lack of actual chemistry between the Trio has me yearning for the other films of the Christmas season.

It feels so weird to come out of the experience disappointed, when the flist seems so darn happy with it.

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