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Dreams and reading...

It figures that the days I share a room with a housemate 'cause of renovations I get dreams that can be misconstrued in entirely the wrong ways.

It was a super weird dream where my mother had a portable stove and was showing me how to cook something and she brought it to the bed. And me, being totally scared of fire, started telling her "mom, get off the bed!" It figures that in the next few seconds my panic would wake me up and I'd find myself saying that out loud. Twice. *facepalms* I just hope my friend is a heavy sleeper 'cause otherwise that's going to be really weird to explain...

In other news, I've just about read 67 books this year! Still have to update my book list but will get around to it later this week after I've moved downstairs again :D

Considering I didn't start reading again til around April, am pretty psyched \o/ Never imagined I'd get anywhere near the 100 book mark. Still it was all pretty much light reading haha.

Thinking about it, it was mainly due to ebooks - the mobipocket program for the computer standardised the look and feel of every book so reading was a breeze on the laptop. Then there was the Jetbook Lite, which has been brilliant while eating out and on the skytrain and bus - even when standing, I can hold onto a pole with one hand and continue reading without worrying about turning pages as I usually would haha.

This week I picked up the YA Catherine Webb books via interlibrary loan and I had forgotten how inconvenient it is to have to dog-ear and close book every fifteen minutes and then have to keep flipping back ^^. And then I forget to bookmark a page and I spend a few minutes flipping through the book.

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