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Am finally back in my room! The house I'm in is undergoing renovations so I'd been in a temporary room for ages.

The guy doing the work didn't always show up and took his time so things kept getting delayed but that did give me the time to look at decor options (which the owner of the house paid for \o/)

Over the weekend, some of my housemates and I rented a small and compact Suzuki Swift - which I drove, despite a year long break since selling my Toyota Corolla in Texas - and hit Ikea, Superstore, Walmart, Home Depot and Rona for various things we needed.

Since there was leftover paint, the first room got an accent wall in blue and the second room was a cheery golden yellow. Was able to get new paint for my room though, since apart from the new wood floor laminates, it didn't have too many changes.

I did paint my shelf though and primed my accent wall with a housemate which was rather fun :D

Figured I'd share photos now that I've got everything set up again \o/

Here's the view from when you open the door:

The accent wall is Behr's asparagus which I lightened a bit by adding some white, to get a more apple shade.I love flat paint *_* You can also see the fan I use whenever it get too warm since Vancouver only seems to have heaters and no air conditioning >_>

My bed has a dark blue bedspreed and beige brown fleece blanket which feels so soooooft when I lie on it :)

My short runner rug from Home depot for $33 and the new wood laminate (oak). Wanted something in deep red to match my duvet cover and this was seriously all I could find in this size.

I have a tiny window (it IS the basement level) but with the closet wall mirror and multiple lamps, it balances out :D The makeshift ottoman was an old office chair so it rolls and I can put my laptop on it and swivel it around to face me when I'm in bed \o/

Close up of the paint - the other three walls are Behr's Celery Sprig with some white mixed in and the ceiling is just white to help make the colors pop.

Here's the floor with flash!

Cheap table cloth from Sears and the lamp stands (which hold the speakers) are actually made out of Kellog's cereal boxes which I have yet to paint. Lamps are cheap ones I got back in January from Walmart when I first arrived btw. You can also spy my Jetbook Lite ebook reader

View of the mirror from the bed - it really opens the room up. I swear the room would have felt like a prison cell without this. You can see my tiny window in the mirror's reflection.

First time in my life I've ever had white furniture! I actually painted the shelf myself a week or two back :D

It's awesome to be able to have some control over renovations in one's room - especially when someone else is actually paying for it *relieved*

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