Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Gone and Back again ^^

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and New Year! I went south for the winter (okay just a mini vacation to Dallas to see my sister XD) and it was lovely. We got to see ICE: The Charliie Brown Christmas ice sculptures and batting cages and mini golf (alas there was a 3 hour waiting line for Top Golf when we went there)

My sis also got an 46 inch Samsung LCD TV since prices are down by about 50% from a couple years back...and TBH we didn't notice much of a difference from the new LED TVs rolling out in stores these day >_>

We saw three movies in the cinema: Burlesque, Narnia and Tron. The first was fabulous and Dawn Treader was much better on the big screen than it was at home and Tron...was shiny but lacked heart? Maybe it was 'cause we saw that one after watching the Star Trek BluRay version on the new TV (the commentary was so interesting!) but it felt more than a bit flat. Olivia Wilde was the highlight though *_*

Also got a free calendar from St. Rita's Church which was a nice memento :D

Had missed the wide open spaces in Texas and everything being BIG. We got to try some nice restaurants especially since we could split entrees between us.

About a month or two back, one of my housemates introduced me to Groupon and since the site covers both Canada as well as USA, my sis and I have both found some awesome deals :D Cookies! Sushi! Massages!

Had a Q: has anyone used bath bombs or bath melts or bath salts? How do they compare to regular bubble bath/foam? Also, any opinions on Sugar/Salt scrubs?

Had wanted to try them out at Lush for the longest time and then Groupon got a deal for a local store, Escents Aromatherapy which was perfect :D

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