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Watched and read...

[001] Finally got around to snagging Josh Lanyon's All She Wrote from Samhain publishing and will be heading over to Chapters before the weekend to pick up John Levitt's Play Dead :D Considering I've read eight books this year already I might actually hit the hundred mark this time round \o/

[002] While I adored the one hour premiere of Young Justice, the second episode last week left me with very mixed feelings and I'm not so psyched now :(

It felt like it had been written by a guy who didn't have a clue how female teens act, and had probably forgotten how boys interact with them too. Now I wonder if they deliberately left out females from the premiere since they couldn't balance the dynamic otherwise...

[003] Downton Abbey made me all \o\o/o/ and had me hunting for more period pieces - I tried Wives and Daughters (the final fourth episode was great!) and also Larkrise to Candlefort which had moments of awesome :3

[004] My weekly TV schedule is: Good Wife, Fringe, Community (Annie = ♥), Big Bang Theory and Vampire Diaries (Caroline = ♥).Its Eureka and Being Erica that I'm waiting for now.

On the asian side, My Princess started out strong but I'm not sure if its already running out of steam. Dream High is an exercise in frustration since I have Second Female Lead Love which always sucks but is particularly awful when writers are determined to demonise the character as fast as possible ;_; I keep skimming Athena and will probably not be watching it from this week.

The Level E anime is surprisingly great and I might actually keep up with it through its run :D

[005] Future stuff to try out: Parks & Recreation and maybe Spirited, Jekyll and Neverwhere. Am on the look out for completed mini-series but its hard to find anything great in regards to plot, acting and production values.
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Ah~ mini-series! I checked out some episodes of Neverwhere after reading the book and I liked the cast, but it is a bit older, so the look isn't all that great (if I remember correctly). Have you seen BBC's Sherlock or Generation Kill? I quite like those. I have no idea what you enjoy when it comes to plot and tone etc. though, and Generation Kill isn't exactly uplifting, being about war and all that.

If you're also looking for Anime, I recently watched and loved Baccano and Durarara, both of which are around 20 episodes long and have really, really great plots.

Oh, and I'm reasonably sure you know Nobuta wo produce, but just in case that I'm wrong I'll recommend it as well. :D