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Commish: Zuko and Toph by nannaia

lilsuika aka nannaia was the last artist I decided to commission last year and she's already finished the first of two avatar pieces ♥

The concept is a quiet evening in the Fire Nation with Zuko playing the liquin/chinese lute that belonged to Uncle Iroh while Toph fishes. Its an opportunity for them to unwind and relax, loosely reminiscent of the campfire nights of old during the series (which at this point would be about a decade ago).

Something to note is that since Toph refuses to spend any length of time in a boat, she ended up earth bending a path to a good fishing spot.

Also, Zuko has a few sets of clothing for going incognito - including an Earth Kingdom outfit so he can sneak out amidst dignitaries/diplomats when leaving palace grounds.

Cropped Close-up preview:

click for full view

Close-up details: Zuko | Toph | Feet | Instrument | Engraved gauntlets | Background

Progress shots can be seen here!

nannaia is amazing. I think its self explanatory from the progress shots and final piece but can I just say that the detail and skill in every step had me floored (not to mention the many alternate options provided too *_*) - was in a permanent state of flail and \o/ with every update so I can't thank her enough for all the focus she's put into it. SO MUCH LOVE ♥♥♥

The post on DA is over here :D
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