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Art pimping + pixiv faves!

Enjoyed three new online comics recently, two of them being fandom based: There are also shiny new novel covers by Jason Chan <3

Have finally figured out how to add favorite art pieces on pixiv to the bookmarks section - y'all can check them out here or access them via my pixv profile - you do have to log-in to browse and view big detailed pics though.

Picspam of some favorites - just click the pics to go to the pages on pixv:




One awesome thing about bookmarks is that once you add a pic, pixiv provides thumbnails of other popular pics from the same fandom \o/ Slowly but surely I might be able to go through all my favorite characters, shows and animanga :D :D

Though it figures that I'd only find out today that by using the Chrome browser, pages can be automatically translated to english *headdesks*

Anyway, I'll pimp out links to my favorite new DA art from the past 4 months later as well :D
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*is in awe* Some of those pieces are magnificent. All of them are beautiful, but a few completely knock my socks off. I'm amazed at how talented some people are. *stares*

Thank you for posting them!

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I'm so glad you do this because the amount of wading through the internet to find these kinds of gems...I can't even imagine the time it takes you, and I truly appreciate not having to spend that time in order to enjoy the MAJESTICALNESS HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THOSE *_*
Blimey I can't believe 'Wayward Owls and Pub Hunts' has a comics version! I just finished re-reading it for, like, the millionth time! thanks for sharing this!
just popped by to say that you can add tags to your images on pixiv.

(kinda, randomly stumbled my way to this post = u =, hello~)