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Fantasy + m/m novels

I enjoyed the first three novels in the Inda series by Sherwood Smith but by the fourth book all I really wanted to know about was Evred and Tau and their relationship.The final page where the two go off travelling the world and the bits at the end of What happened After Treason's Shore made me super happy to see that they even settle down - kinda want fic about them :3

Yes ultimately I think my brain just wanted to read more Evred/Tau - I wish someone would write fic based on the night with the massage and the smexing *_* I mean, seriously, angry!sex at its finest :D Though I do have one post-series fanfic to read at least \o/

I adored how there was both het and gay romances and each had its moments and they weren't treated any different by the society at large <3

Thanks to the above I ended up googling a bit and found discussions on novels with gay protagonists and decided to request a few from the library (since most weren't available in ebook format):

Since I haven't read any of these yet I can't be sure how MUCH m/m is actually present (might be minimal or non-existant ;_;)
  • The Master of Seacliff - Max Pierce

  • The Golden Sword - Fiona Patton

  • Dragon's Winter - Elizabeth A. Lynn

  • Kirith Kirin - Jim Grimsley

  • Sea Dragon Heir - Storm Constantine

  • Mark Julian Vampire P.I. - Kyle Cicero

  • The Gumshoe, The Witch, And The Virtual Corpse - Keith Hartman

  • The Stone Prince - Fiona Patton

  • The Swordsman - Mel Keegan

  • The Cat in the Cradle - Jay Bell

  • The First Verse - Barry McCrea

Thanks to PJ's search I began thinking about prollific m/m authors (i.e. 10+ books published) other than Josh Lanyon...

Has anyone gone crazy over any fantasy books by these authors?

A.M. Riley | Ally Blue | | Amber Kell | Angelia Sparrow | Ariel Tachna | Chris Owen | Evangeline Anderson | G.A. Hauser | John Simpson | Kate Steele | K.C. Kendricks | KA Mitchell | Julia Talbot | Mary Calmes | Mike Shade | Sean Michael | T.A. Chase | Z.A. Maxfield | Vivien Dean

Though if you can rec a title you love that's both fantasy and m/m I'm ALL ears - either urban fantasy or regular fantasy works!

What I've tried: Hero - Perry Moore | The God Eaters | Outlands | The Captive Prince | Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series | Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald Mage | Josh Lanyon's novels | Administrator series | Wicked Gentlemen | Tanya Huff | Melusine | Sherwood Smith's Inda series | Swordpoint - Ellen Kushner | aggybird | Megan Derr's novels aka maderr

I'm really just looking for published fiction at the moment since I want stuff that's novel length ^^
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This wasn't a slash series, but I really enjoyed Inda (first in a series) by Sherwood Smith. It can be kind of rambly, but the world-building is fantastic and, while Inda is straight, his friend-the-prince is gay. I really adored them both.
Haha, that's the series that sparked this post XD Really wanted more gay characters and fantasy stories with a focus on their relationships (but with plot too!) It's sad that there's been only a handful I can name :(
Not all novels featuring gay relationships are slash. Commercially published fiction particularly does not qualify for the label very often.

I don't mean to piss in your cornflakes, but it makes me feel pretty shitty every time someone starts going on about "original slash" when talking about gay fiction, or mainstream fiction featuring gay characters or pairings. Slash originated in fandom and carries a lot of really offensive baggage (like "gay for only you" tropes etc); labelling "features gay relationships" as "slash" might be an easy shortcut for you but "slash" in fandom is an area where (mostly straight) fen use gay characters as their metaphorical playthings. Applying the slash label to all gay pairings and characters is like classifying them all as playthings, and that's just not cool.
I've used 'slash' as a blanket term, probably for the reasons mentioned underdefinition and ambiguity of the same wiki entry and particularly that stories about relationships between two male partners ('M/M') are 'slash fiction' - probably 'cause orig slash is such a common term these days. Will probably replace the word with m/m later today ^^
No, I definitely know there is ambiguity, but having read a lot of the discussions on the subject, tbh I feel that most of that arose as a result of arguments made by people who just wanted to keep on using slash as a blanket term and didn't think the queer and ally fen had any real reason to feel put off about it.

Thanks very much for considering it and not just being dismissive about it as most people would. ♥
I admit I wish we did have a blanket term that covers gay relationships in media canon (I mean, we have 'bromance' already >_>), since neither gay romance nor slash applies - especially when we're not looking for fanfic and we want characters that are gay...even if there's no actual smut (which is the primary focus of so many gay romances...).

Slash rolls off the tongue so easily (esp amongst friends) that I don't really think sometimes - thanks for pointing it out<3
Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner is one of my favourite fantasy fiction with gay pairing.
I haven't read Sea Dragon Heir in ages but I think the book concerns more with incest than slash. Her wraeththu series has slash though. The characters are considered hermaphodites but they can control for the most part when and how to have children.
I read m/m incest if done well but thanks so much for the heads up - I think I tried her wraethu series and it was a miss (ages and ages ago though, so might pick it up again...)
Yeah, PJ's post lead to the search for fantasy gay romances XD I opened up several tabs but nearly all of them are under 100k which had me turning to published m/m fics XD
I usually lurk but... Sarah Monette's amazing series A Doctrine of Labyrinths, which starts with Melusine, is one of my favourite fantasy series and one of the main characters is gay.

Also, Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy series has a number of side m/m and f/f pairings and is just amazing in general.
I did read Melusine and then a sequel or two :) My sis is a huge fan of KL but I wasn't aware there were m/m pairings too - does the story tend to revolve around the sex lives though?
Not at all -while the sex is definitely there (and often frequently) the books are really plotty and focus a lot on politics and adventure. If you've ever read George R. R. Martin's series, they're kind of like that, but with a whole lot more sex.

With the m/m relationship, they are there, but I will say that they aren't a huge part of the story.
Tanya Huff has written some queer fantasy. Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light (1989) and The Fire's Stone(1990) come to mind. And I read both of them years ago and adored them.

I did add those two books to my ebook reader a few days back but wasn't sure how much m/m would be present - good to know both have some :D
This was in absolutely no way m/m, but if you're interested in more general queer fiction, I found Ursula LeGuin's "Left Hand of Darkness" interesting.
I have about 1000+ Novel with M/M present :) Currently in my HDD I have about more than 192 Author which is writing M/M story. You can try search it at #e-book on IRCHighway~ using Author's name... If you want to know more update... try Dreamspinner, Torquere, Loose ID and etc...
I have a lot of titles but the problem is I'm looking for novels with elements of fantasy and are really damn good (which 99% aren't since they're more pwp). Something plotty and with great build up to the relationship without jumping to the sex asap.
Umm, hi. I'm usually a complete lurker but I saw your list and I had to add my two cents:

Personally, I love Fiona Patton books. I'm really glad that you're giving them a go. I think the best of hers that has major m/m is The Painter Knight (which is my favorite of them, and one of the books that got me into reading m/m books). I didn't see it on your list so I thought I'd rec it.
As for the m/m authors, I've read and enjoyed Ally Blue's Oleander house trilogy (which is paranormal fiction). I also enjoy T.A. Chase's books. They tend to be well written and entertaining. T.A. Chase's books aren't really fantasy though. Most are contemporary fiction, although some are supernatural fiction.

I don't know if you've read any P.L. Nunn? All of her stuff is fantasy, and quite quite hot :). I like Bloodraven (although it's a little...bloody and non-con) and Dynasty of Ghosts which is one of my favorite original slash novels ever. Link here

If you don't mind YA fiction then there's Hayden Thorne's books which are usually historical fantasy or contemporary superheroes. <a href="http://haydenthorne.net>Here's her blog</a> I hope some of these are useful/new :) Have fun reading!
EEEEE *tackleglomps* Thanks so much <3 <3

Am excited that Patton's books have more m/m :D And I think I read the first Orleander House novel a long time ago but didn't realise it was a series so will add those to my list! Supernatural fiction is still cool so will check out T.A, Chase as well

I've read Dynasty of Ghosts (one of the earliest stories I tried I think) but haven't tried any of the other novels by Nunn...

And I adore YA like mad if it includes superheroes or period settings - must check out Hayden Thorne *A*

Thanks again - \o\o/o/
OK, wow! I have no idea how I found myself here but I have to thank you for initiating this research/jumping stone into more M/M fantasy fiction.

I kind of went through a similar search myself a while back but I didn't find nearly as much as you've already read.

But I do have one to add to your reading list. Sarah Monette, author of the Melusine novels, co-wrote A Companion to Wolves with Elisabeth Bear. It is definitely fantasy and M/M.

Just so you know, I am definitely bookmarking this post and referring back to it many-a-time if you don't mind. ;)