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Fanart faves: Heero & Duo (GWing)

In honor of sharona1x2's birthday, here's a small picspam of some of my favorite fanart of Heero and Duo on pixiv <3

Click any pic to get taken to the post on pixiv and if you're logged into that site, you can click the pic there again for a full view :D

(wish I knew what the text said 'cause its sure to be hilarious XD)

There are too many awesome pics by Yuuma Kamibata to point out individually though so its worth heading over to the artist's gallery for a look :D
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*SQUEE* This is the last thing I'm looking at before going to bed. I hope it gives me happy Heero/Duo dreams. Thanks for sharing all the pretty pictures. It makes me ridiculously happy!

♥ ♥♥ ♥