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Browser love :D

Installed Opera 11 and am so happy \o/

Firstly, I adore the tab stacking feature! Oh and since I use a mouse with my new laptop instead of the trackpad, mouse gestures have become far more important so I've finally set up my own \o/

  • Gesture Left: Back

  • Gesture Right: Forward

  • Gesture Up: Stop / Reload

  • Gesture Up+ Gesture Left: Switch to previous tab

  • Gesture Up+ Gesture Right: Switch to next tab

  • Gesture Down + Gesture Left: Close tab

  • Gesture Down + Gesture Right: New tab

  • Gesture Down: Open link in background tab (the one mouse gesture I've been using for years)
So now, unless I want to do a search, type a url or select a random tab, I don't ever have to reach for the toolbar :D :D

Also, Opera has gotten extensions!

The ones I've installed are as follows:
Youtube specific extensions:
Cleantube, Focus on Videos and Ads free make the site streamlined and shiny again but my favorite is probably the Autoplay Killer extension since any vids opened in background tabs buffer (load) but don't start playing so I can just focus on the tab I'm on until I'm ready to switch \o/

Some Firefox extensions I hope to see on Opera: Download Statusbar | Fox Splitter | Gspace | ReminderFox | Menu Editor | Web Developer | Colorzilla | Screengrab | Fireftp

Any tools/extensions you cannot do without and wish you'd see on alternative browsers?
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Intel-only. Rats.

Right. Well, I should be getting a new MacBookPro in a few weeks, so... fine. :P

Okay, so does it support gradients?