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Spring Anime & Books, Books, Books!

[001] OMG, Tiger & Bunny! The title of the anime had me thinking it was a comedy shoujo anime and then the initial poster made me dismiss it as a preteen shounen title but then I actually saw it and holy crap, its kick ass awesomeness with slashy!subtext already :D :D

It's not drowning in anime!cliches and instead has a definite east meets west vibe that works brilliantly. While there's a glut of superhero movies coming out every year, somehow this anime works better than the majority of them. I love that Tiger is a father (and possibly widowed?) and while these days the heroes seem to keep getting younger (the new Thundercats remake for instance), the protagonist being an older hero in this one makes me happy (even though, TBH he doesn't look 30-something at all)

[002] I skimmed through the X-Men anime and while I'm glad the focus is on Scott rather than Logan, none of my favorites are in the line up like Rogue, Kitty or Nightcrawler. There's some definite eyecandy but I doubt I'll bother with it.

[003] Remaining titles I'm probably going to try from the Spring line up: Sket Dance, Hana-Saku IrohaBlue Exorcist, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi and Moshidora + any titles that get raves on the flist or on the preview guides by Zac, Carl and Theron

[004] Most of my free time has been spent on my jetbook - have finished over 90 books this year already, though about a third of those were romance and chick lit. I've gone from urban fantasy with male protagonists to fantasy with m/m pairings to regency romance to contemporary romance to paranormal romance to urban fantasy with female protagonists (after which I think I'll cycle back since I've gotten Kate Griffin's The Neon Court ready and waiting \o/)

I think my biggest problem with throwing fantasy into a romance novel (or vice versa) is that I need women to hold their own against vamps, werewolves, demons, fae etc. even if they're vanilla!human. So many female protagonists end up victimized or saved by the male love interest and god, it pisses me off. In the end I went hunting for urban fantasy series with kick ass females - got a good list and am making my way through it (after weeding out those I've already tried/read before). I think this was the main reason I switched over to male protagonists as my go-to-reads >_>

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