♥ ♥ ♥ I love this post a lot! One of the best things about T&B (and Ao no Exorcist!) has been seeing some of the utterly amazing art on Pixiv. If I weren't already watching them, I know Pixiv would have sucked me into both, the art is that prolific and that good. orz
Not mecha! Definitely not mecha as I'd define mecha, just because a few of the heroes wear bulky super-hero suits. Much more about the funny.
I'm more anxious of Marvel/X-Men ties than mecha (since its more humans with a certain gene that gives them abilities)
Thanks so much for all these pretty pictures! I really love the series so far.
Oh- wow. I'm not watching any of the anime this season- but I get the feeling that I'm going to break that for this series. Is it actually as good as the fanart suggests?
Lots of eyecandy and it definitely exceeded my expectations from the first episode itself XD
This show is making me so happy! I've only seen the first 3 eps but am looking forward to the catching up. Such beautiful animation!
WOW!!!!! These are absolutely stunning! But...*please don't shoot* What or who are Tiger & Bunny? lol Is it a manga/anime series?
It's anime and I've linked to the title at the start of the post - 8 out of 11 episodes have already aired.
It's been awhile since I've read my f-list but I have to say THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I am fucking HOOKED on this show and it's hilarity and awesomeness that is Tiger and Bunny. I love them TO DEATH they are so awesome. It hasn't even been out that long (if I recall) and there is already so much delicious fanart. UNF THOSE TWO. The pairing pool is unlimited (sort of rofl).

I am also finding Ao no Exorcist to be REALLY GOOD as well and dammit I keep wanting to call it 'Ai no Exorcist' lolol xDDD

Thank you for the loooooovely picspam!
I've yet to watch this series... so maybe soon-ish. Just wow, the fandom has pretty fanart. As expected from the pixiv community.