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[001] Didn't realize I'd become such a lurker this summer! Last year, apart from a few hectic weeks with the family, I was still getting familiar with my new home town. This year though has been pretty awesome and I've been hanging out with my favorite housemates whenever I can - not to mention the 3 weeks with the family in Richmond :D That part was actually very chill and relaxing and my mom already misses Vancouver - especially since Dubai is worse than a sauna at the moment. I just got back from a 4 day-3 night bus tour to Banff and it was fabulous :)

[002] While July was mostly a hiatus from the internet, this month had me lurking on LJ, DW and tumblr in particular. My own posts can be found here if anyone is interested. Personally, I find all the shiny on that site is impossible to resist for long. I just wish I could figure out how to locate individuals to follow. Does anyone have any tumblr recs or methods they find successful when it comes to finding tumblrs with similar interests?

[003] I bought henna, amla and indigo online and I'll be trying a two step process to darken my hair to a deep brown (since the current color has copper toned highlights at the moment and I don't want any more damage from hair dye). Oh and my hair has never been longer, woot! I find it a little awkward when sleeping but generally I think my excessive oil production is working out better with the longer locks of hair XD

Last year I tried to be more budget conscious and used the cheapest shampoos I could get my hands on (Suave, Sunsilk etc.) but the damage to my hair from home hair dyes made it necessary to get something better. In the end I picked up a litre of Pureology Repair Shampoo, AG Peppermint Shampoo and Paul Mitchel Super Strong Conditioner during Trade Secrets' half off sale. I could feel the difference from the first shampoo and my hair is so much better now - thank god for MakeupAlley!

[004] Posted a wikipedia userscript to clean up and simplify the site (can be found here) and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :D

[005] Have been playing badminton and volleyball in the backyard in the evenings and I'm hoping to continue through to the start of Winter (especially since a couple of us want to get more fit) - its so much damn fun! We had our first and last barbecue of the summer the weekend before last and apart from the food, we just kept moving for about 6 hrs -frisbee, volleyball, lacrosse, badminton \o/. The next day it was hard to get out of bed though >_>

[006] How have I lived my life without trying Xiao Long Bao before now? Small morsels of heaven that melt in your mouth - not to mention, following them up with tan tan noodles and much later with gelato is probably my idea of a perfect afternoon now *_*

[007] I've been keeping to a pretty decent regimen of daily face wash, the occasional apricot scrub and a weekly oat and pumpkin seed face mask so I was floored when I tried my housemate's Kiss Me Magical Facial Peeling Gel which cleared off a hell of a lot of dead skin on the sides of my face *_* I admit I kind of want to go to the far east for cosmetics now....

[008] Have switched my reading list to Good Reads (here) and was wondering if any of y'all have lists there? I'm rather in love with the site at the moment so any excuse to open a tab would make me a happy ducky.

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