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You guys...

Downton Abbey, DOWNTON ABBEY!!!

Season 2's premiere had me laughing, crying and squeaking so damn much. Oh man, why can't there be more awesome dramas like this? The depth and complexity in regards to the characters, their relationships and the way events of the period impact their lives...I just have hearts in my eyes right now <3 <3

God damnit, when is episode 2 coming out???

I never expected DA to be this good when I first started it - though I was predisposed towards liking Mary Crawford since I recognized Michelle Dockery from the Discworld Hogfather movie where she plays Susan (Death's granddaughter). I love the richness of Mary as a character - Sybill is easy to like but in many, many ways an innocent. So it's Mary who really owns my heart (as does Anna) and Mr. Bates...oh lordy, I admit I want to shake him and hug him to death at the same time. Really do want to see more of him...

TBH though, each character makes the whole story that much better, so as much as I want to srsly strangle O'Brien and Thomas, their actions give quite a bit of food for thought (the baby!issue in the s1 finale and the lighter!scene in this season's premiere)

In regards to romance, I'm rather invested in Anna and Mr Bates as well as Mary and Mathew though when it comes to Sybill, I'm interested in seeing a bit more character growth. Still, I find it hard to believe that so many things happened in a single episode!Am kinda wondering where the characters will be by the end of the season *flails*

I hope we get to see Gwen at some point in S2 and at least some of the romances working out in the long run. I wonder if the writers might have enough for a third season - on one hand, we'd get MOAR but on the other hand, the wil they/won't they might get overly drawn out. Still I'd cheer like mad if we get more episodes.

Need to find any Downton Abbey comms here now (though I'm already following the tag on tumblr - here are some of the posts I've liked)

P.S - To anyone trying DA for the first time, do NOT watch the PBS version, which is a hackjob - view the the UK broadcast.
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I absolutely adore this show! So glad it won so many Emmys. :)

I'm also incredibly invested in Anna/Mr. Bates. It tore my heart out when he had to give her up for that bitch of a wife of his. I hope they have their happy ending this season. :(

As for Mary/Matthew, oh man... on one hand, I LOVE them and the will-they-won't-they basis of the romance and really root for them, but at the same time I feel like Mary doesn't DESERVE him because of the crap she pulled on him at the end of season 1. I started to doubt if she really loved him or not. But after this episode I'm glad to know she actually does really care for him. I just wonder what Matthew is thinking... Can't wait to see how his engagement will play out!

Sybil is so flawless I LOVE HER. Her and Branson's relationship I'm also really looking forward to. I wonder if it will actually work out between them.

I am ranting too much, I'll stop now. It's sad that I don't know ANYONE who watches this show, other than my mom. :(
Yes, the Emmys really made people sit up and take notice :D

I don't know how they're going to get Mr. Bates back but I know the writers will manage it somehow XD

I kind of like Mary more because of those flaws where she pretty much shoots herself in the foot 'cause the history made their relationship so much more complexed and seeing the interaction and everything left unsaid is crazy brilliant already *happy sigh*

Want to see where Sybil ends of 'cause she seems to have the standard heroin!slot and it seems to me like she'll probably do brilliantly, whatever happens in her love life (I really wonder how the writers will shape that for her)

I knooooow *hugs* I'm resorting to tumblr at the moment and tracking posts of one or two hardcore fans who post a lot of DA here
So it's really THAT good?
I saw it here on lj and also at the Emmys and was intrigued. Have to check it out in this case.
Do give it a try! Anything I say really wouldn't do it justice since its just so...*flails*