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Ack, where did all the time go? Have been completely MIA since September :(

Totally blame the new job - its busy and exhausting but not crazy stressful though the business is undergoing a change in management tomorrow so things are a bit up in the air at the moment.

Have been off the fandom radar for a while - been visiting tumblr but RL eclipsed everything, especially when my wallet, ebook reader and brand new replacement phone (which I hadn't even paid the bill for yet) got frickin' stolen from the office in November. After tears, money and lots of shopping to replace stuff (and trying to figure out which books and android apps to download) I'm sort of back to normal. Still haven't really recovered my ebook library yet though ;_;

On the RL front, it's been a year of highs (new job! family visit! awesome housemates! improved health! growing my hair! great vacations!) and lows (stolen stuff! housemates leaving! tight budgets! exhausting work!) but the year ended on a positive note - Christmas with the housemates and our very own turkey (which I roasted and didn't destroy \o/) donated by our land lady

Fandom-wise, it was a quiet year, shuffling between fandoms (only kept up with watching Community, Big Bang Theory and Modern Family) despite finding new loves early on (Downton Abbey, Tiger & Bunny, The Good Wife) though there were the commissions that kept me going and a recent odd obsession with a Kpop group called T-ARA which I blame on Ham Eunjung. I can trace it all back to the Dream High kdrama, which left me with a lot of mixed feelings but also an urgent need to find out more about the actress playing Baek Hee- it was a downward spiral from that point >_>

I have a feeling RL is still going to eat into most of my fandom time but I'm going to try to keep up with things here in future. It's been 7 years since I got my LJ (New Years Eve 2004) and while we might not share the same fandoms, or maybe read posts on RSS or DW instead, and find our lifstyles and relationships changing too, I'm thankful for the years of friendship and fandom love that's all because of you <3 Happy New Year guys!
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Happy new year! I think your longer hair looks very pretty. And RL can have the habit of getting in the way of fandom and LJ. Pity about your wallet stolen and your ebook collection, especially since it happened at work :/ hopefully in 2012 you will find lots of lovely new books!
Happy New Year! I hope you won't be a stranger in 2012. I love seeing your posts. :-) *sends many wishes for happy times*
Bb, I'm so sorry to hear about the theft! I'd be in the exact same position as you - upset about the loss of my eBook library more than the other stuff. :(((( I hope you can recover the titles without too much trouble. If you need any help at all, let me know. Anywho, I'm so pleased to see you on eljay, even if it's fleeting. Best of luck with your job, and I hope to see you more in the new year.
your hair looks GORGEOUS. i hope you get into fandom again. ANY fandom. i enjoy your squeeful thoughts on things, even when they don't coincide with my fandoms.