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H/D Custom Searches

More Specific Searches
Alternate Universe fics
Angel/Devil/Wing fetish fics
Angst with happy endings
Angst with a happy ending (again)
Angsty mpreg, abuse or death fics (tearjerkers)
Aristocratic!Draco fics
Art & fic for non-shippers
AU fics
AU! fics (again)
AU or H/D getting caught
AU regular highschool fics
Blaise in the mix/on the side
Blindness fics
Bond fics
Bond fics (again)
Bottom/girly Draco & Dom!Harry fics
Bottom!Harry or Creature!Draco
Break up fics with happy endings
Broken/abused/dark/cutter!Harry but NO death fics
Chasing!fics - each trying to seduce the other
Christmas fics - hot and fluffy
Cigarette smoking and/or a really gorgeous car
Complete mpreg, bdsm or death (fics tearjerkers)
Cold!Draco - and breaking through to him
Cops, virgins, prostitutes, alcohol, drugs, cutting or m-preg fics
Crack fics
Crack, fluff and humor
Crack, funny, uplifting fics
Crossdressing fics
Crossdressing!Draco fics
Dark!Harry or DarkCreature!Harry
Dark depressing) fics that end well happily)
Deathfics or Dark & morbid fics
De-aged Harry
Desperate and intense PWP fics
Disability or Big brother house fics
Dom/sub fics
Draco-centric fics
Draco centric/ Draco as a spy/post Hogwarts
Draco as the main character and possibly a bottom
Draco having problems/issues
Draco is rejected or extreme!angst fics
Draco on the run
Draco nursing Harry back to health
Draco turns up at Harry's unexpectedly
Drawn out UST and a happy ending
Drug or alcohol abuse
Correspondence Email/Letter) or Angst about being gay fics
Epistolary fics
Extreme violence or distrubing fics
Established relationship in school fics
Fashion or food and drink
Femmeslash on the side
Ferret fics
Ferret!Draco or/and Flangst fics
Fics with Fred/George(twincest)
Fics with a prominent Blaise
Fics that totally mess with your head
Fluffy but not uber OOC) fics
Fluff fics (again)
Fluff fics (for the *third* time)
Fluffy fics (fourth time)
Fluffy, Smutty, Humorous Fics
Forced to live together
Forced together: a spell or potion or even non-magical means
Friendship at first
Friends to lovers
From any other slash pairing to Harry/Draco
Gay!Seamus on the side fics
Gut wrenching, angsty and sad fics
Gryffindor!Draco fics
H/D with them as kids/youths
H&D go to a party or H&D own a club
Harry and Draco are cheating on their wives/lovers with each other
Harry abused and Draco coming to the rescue
Harry injured/personality altered - Draco helps him
Harry pretends to be Draco's boyfriend + newbie recs
Harry runs an orphanage at Grimmauld Place
Harry with Ginny or past H/D relationship
Hate & Loathing
Hidden Identity fics
Hot, fluffy, a bit angsty and moderately long
Humor/Comedy fics
Humor/Parody fics
Humor/Piss-yourself-FUNNY fics
Humor!fics yes, even more)
Humor fics
Hurt/Comfort fics
Hurt!Draco or rentboy!Draco
Hysterically humorous fics
Ill or coming out fics
Illness and being taken care of
In Character with gradual H/D fics
Insanity fics
Jealous Harry
Kinky PWP fics
Leaving the wizarding world or good confrontation scenes with the Dursleys
letters or fics focussed on writing back and forth
light hearted/sweet fics
Long-time established relationship
Magical Creature!Draco or Dom!Draco
Medical Issues
Muggle jobs post hogwarts)
Multiple: Abused!Draco + hurt&comfort with happy endings
Multiple: fics based on other books or movies, novel-length plotty fics, forced to be together, mpreg
Multiple: Fics with Hermione as an important character + fics with action
Multiple: Long & angsty + disability fics
Multiple: Prostitute, mpreg, non-con
Multiple: Retelling of Canon fics or Long, chaptered fics
Multiple: Teacher!fics, Post!HBP fics that rewrite sixth year or involve the war
Multiple: Vampire, necrophilia, sadism, masochism, angst, insanity, twisted minds
Musical Instrument!fics
Mpreg or H/D with kids
M-preg!fics (again)
Near death fics - but they survive
Nightclub fics
Non Bastardized!Ron fics (i.e. no Ron character bashing)
Non-bastardization of Ginny
No Ron bashing and no death fics
Obnoxiously Homosexual Draco fics
Office Romance
Older and possibly Top!Draco
One night stands and/or fics with miscommunincation BUT only happy endings
One-shots, hurt/comfort, vulnerable!Draco, no UST
Overprotective!Draco, Insecure Harry OR breakup/makeup fics
Parseltongue Kink fics
Playful fics - Hogwarts-era preferred
Proposal fics
Post-hogwarts, smutty, with denial, a dash of angst and a happy ending
Queer as Folk crossover/fusion fics
Realistic fics
Realistic fics again)
Ron in the mix threesomes)
Shopping fics
Snape as an important part of Draco's life
Sorted into other houses
Sub!Draco & PossessiveTop!Harry
Super Smutty
Smut fics with toys
Smutty fics (for the third time)
Smutty fics (fourth time)
Smutty FLUFFY fics
Tearjerker fics
Tearjerker (multichapter) fics
tearjerkers with happy endings
Teaching or Working at Hogwarts fics
Top!Draco fics
Top!Harry fics who is wrapped around Draco's finger
Travel!fic or non-UK fics
Turned into kittens, puppies or ferrets
Unfaithful preferably long) fics
Unique fics
Well written intense Angst
Where Harry thinks he has lost Draco to someone else
Vampire fics
Vampire!fics (again)
Veela fics
Veela!Harry fics
Veela, Mpreg or married with kids
virgin harry/harry doing the chasing
Whore!Draco but no death fics
With children
With kids!
With kids: adopted, mpreg or previous marriage
Young and Playful

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