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Oh my ship, what you do to me...

FYI, the H/D Directory can now by found here - will repost on LJ but I managed to accidentally delete the original entry *facepalm*. The good news is that I'm in the process of editing it so peeps can follow new reccers for more recent H/D goodness :D

Thanks to my recent fic!binge that turned into a walk down memory lane - god, why isn't there any H/D post-DH meta, why? - I've gone through my old H/D recs from 5+ years back and I've come to realise that between developments in canon and me no longer being a teen, my tastes have changed...or maybe not so much changed as I find myself unwilling to read fic where there's Hurt and little to no Comfort or just angst angst angst. Powerful Men by frayach is an example of strong writing and extreme angst that has me wincing now where in yesteryears I probably would have been more willing to embrace the darkness.

It seems that while I've always hated death fics, mindfucks or fics that end in betrayals, I used to have a higher tolerance for them. That isn't to say that I don't enjoy Dark fics or those with high doses of angst and omg, the high from a fic with a balance of slash and canon where Harry and Draco are both complete berks to each other is kinda brilliant...

It's just that I've come to the conclusion that following Deathly Hollows, I need a certain kind of Draco and Harry, both of whom grow up and mature ultimately (esp in post epilogue fics) but don't lose that essential self. Harry being a bit dense but still possessing that doggedness and moments where he can go off the handle. Draco, having come into his own but still with a definite bite. And things going pear shaped when they're together.

Compared to pre-DH fanfics, I think the Draco I love is a lot more...grey. Where before I could read a Hero of the War Draco, I now need the one that came out of canon needing to hold onto his family and friends but still unwilling to actively murder someone face to face. Where previously one of the ways to get Harry acknowledge Draco was to put him on a pedestal for having turned spy for the Order and having to kill or sacrifice those who were closest to him because of the line dividing the Order and the DE, I find it almost anathema to me now. I need the Draco who loves his family and his friends, who can't lower his wand necessarily until their safe...yet won't actually kill someone or let them kill someone when its outright murder. I like the balancing act that JKR did with the Malfoys where they weren't actually good or evil but a family and...together.

So while there are fics I used to adore and recced back in '05, I can't embrace them nowadays since events and characters don't ring true anymore. There are exceptions, particularly with crack and AUs (If You've a Ready Mind by Maya for instance) but generally the fics I'd rec to people coming into fandom post series nowadays wouldn't include as many fics pre-DH. It's harder to put my post-HBP hat on or my pre-GoF spectacles and I don't expect non-shippers to find it any easier to swallow generally.

The good thing is that there's quite a bit and quite a few favorite authors are still churning out fic. Then there's femmequixotic whose written more H/D fic after DH was realeased than before and snegurochka_lee and phoenixacid whose constant stream of recs over the years made it easier to locate the ficcy goodness.

Now that I've gone through the bulk of fics from fave fests and authors from recent years though I find myself hunting for newer authors but also more than anything, meta on Draco and H/D post series (most of it seems to be post-HBP or pre-OotP). 

I want thoughts of the Malfoys during DH, speculation on post war events (the trials and media and recovery) and the gap between the last chapter and the epilogue and considering the longer life spans of wizards, the possibility of H/D after the war - whether its immedaiate or 19+ years down the road. And I really want meta on Draco, on him not necessarily being a hero but for being human and fleshed out in a way that so many of us wanted see pre-HBP but despaired of ever getting from JKR - re-reading The Gods Themselves by ljash kind of drove that particular point home.

Ok, god, will shut up now. Damn OTP >_<
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I've been craving some good H/D but am so out of the loop I didn't even know where to start. So yay, thank you. <3
<3 I posted some new faves in my previous entry and I'll be posting some 25 odd recs later today too :D H/D is still definitely the OTP of OTPs hahaha
Hello! You don't know me, but I was living in your 2006 reclist for a few months early last year (I was using it as an escape for my previous job, which I hated). Before the year ended, I took a break off old fic for precisely the reasons you stated in this post. I wanted more mature, post-DH (but mostly EWE) Drarry which I had a harder time searching for (thank god for fest communities!). Anyway, I wanted to read Drarry again (after getting out of that job, it's time to celebrate~) and not knowing where else to find newer fic after going through the fests, I decided to come back here.

I almost had a heart attack when I googled your reclist and the scary pervy looking goat (I liked him better when he was just eating my deleted entries) came up. I didn't even bookmark any of the other reclists that you've linked in your list since yours already had them all neat and organized. T_T

So, hi, I'm jecca and I guess this is just me being random and thanking you for compiling and updating(!!) all those fics and fic rec lists--and still being in this fandom. :)
It's interesting to see the shifts in fic and fandom as it grows - where the trend shifts from Veela fic in Hogwarts to Auror fic as adults - and the changes in writing and characterization as canon plays a bigger role in the ship.

You can't imagine the horror of realizing I deleted the original post and couldn't click an "undo" button somewhere. Inner!me was all "NOOOOOOOOO!"

Thanks for commenting and its great to here others are in this particular phase too haha - currently compiling bookmarks of recs so the directory update is well under way :D
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Everything you just said. Times a million.

I wonder at the lack of H/D meta in general. While I've found a couple great people who really enjoy it, in BtVS fandom meta was everywhere, and I just don't see it as much in this neck of the woods. But I do have some waiting in the wings, which hopefully I will get around to posting some day. And this is a great post right here.

I don't like spy!Draco or hero!Draco either, but mostly because I want to see him get there. I can totally buy an AU of canon where Draco is a spy or hero, if you show me why he makes different choices than he does canonically. That is, something more (or at least, something else) has to happen than what happened in canon, because Draco had plenty of reasons to switch sides in canon, but he didn't. Obviously, sticking with his family, his fear of Voldemort, the values he was given when he was brought up turned out to be more important to Draco, and that's understandable. I really like the ones where he changes his mind and does something different, but so often it's just written as, "And Draco suddenly realized Voldemort was crazy!" or "And Draco suddenly realized he was in love with Harry Potter!" and no. I just don't buy that in canon.

On another point, I'm not a fan of what is usually styled as "dark" fic either, but that's because dark fic is so often . . . well, exactly the same as fic that styles itself as fluff. At both extreme there seem to be few mitigating factors, and the darkness or lightness seems to be added not because the characters are that way, or even that circumstances have led them there--rather, those elements of light and dark seem almost artificially imposed. I realized that when you included mindfuck in your list of "dark," because I really enjoy a good mindfuck story, and yet so many of the mindfuck stories I read seem to be a lot of what feels like the author saying, "THIS IS GOING TO MESS WITH YOUR HEAD" rather than something that actually messes with my head in a way that still makes sense. But maybe all of this just has to do with the fact that I always love the stuff in the middle--things at neither extreme.

Anyway, I want to come back and check this post later to see if anyone contributes meta! I love it so. <3
<3 <3

There used to be so much more meta writing during the series and I wish various posts (such as those on H/D and Draco) were updated to include the final books but...*throws hands up in the air* But me wants your meta, me does *grabby hands*

Yeah, right now if I read certain tropes, I wouldn't be able to swallow them without seeing the journey of how Draco became the spy for instance. And most fics really just tell us, here's Draco as a healer or war!spy but showing how that happens is...a bit more rare? Or done in a pretty OOC manner. And I adore AU like mad but the lack of reasoning and actions backed up with proper characterization drives me batty.

I admit, I've skipped a lot of fluff this time round since so often its Draco without a bite and de-clawed, it just feels wrong. And yeah,dark/mind fuck fics going there for the sake of an impact without actually doing enough with the characters or plot. Sometimes I feel like the author is just telling us 'fuck you, H/D don't get together' when possibly given time or a few scene changes, its still possible makes me all grr, argh. And I wonder, in regards to Powerful Men - if it were a longer, more fleshed out fic and it didn't end that way but with H&D dealing with the things that happen (even though the whole fic focusses on War is Awful that only Death is the Escape), maybe the characterization and interaction would have offset or balanced the darker elements. For the dark fics, I'm constantly going "what if?" in my head, since they either feel incomplete (like more happens down the line) or that I'm reading a dark AU where things could have gone better if just one scene had gone differently...

Posted some meta quotes later in the day but if you ever post some yourself *waves hands spastically*
No matter how far I stray from fandom, I always come back to H/D. The verse and the writing is so rich! I'm glad the H/D guide has been put back up as I've been looking for some good rereads/recs lately!
Dude, after 10+ years, I can't believe I'm still reading Harry/Draco! Granted, characterization and storylines have shifted 180 degrees from 2001 and canon is so much RICHER but I think H/D is definitely the OTP of OTPs for me. Though if someone from RL asked me why, it would take half a dozen links and incoherent babbling and them just going o_O if they're not in fandom haha

And while people are shifting fandoms, I'm glad favorite authors and new ones are writing H/D :D