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Books, TV and Movie Trailer, oh my!

[001] Am quarter of the way through my 2012 reading challenge: 25 out of 100 books - gotta love Good Reads for making it so easy to keep track of novels <3

[002] While I tend to lean towards male protagonist novels, I did post a pinterest board for Female Protagonist Fantasy Novels for my sis (if anyone's interested) - also, if y'all would like invites to the site, just drop me a line.

[003]Recent stuff enjoyed:
  • Legend of Korra pilot: the new Avatar series is fantabulous. I especially love how they introduced the newer elements to the world [like...](Republic city, metal benders. Iman etc. and particularly the musical score - I want to get my hands on all that wonderful music, oh god. I admit I'm hoping we get to see old!Toph at some point in the future XD [korra seems to have...] Korra seems to have definite elements of Sokka with a bit of Toph's kick ass awesome too.

    The weakest link: I felt the voice actress for Korra could have had more nuance - her delivery of several lines through the pilot felt rather flat.However, the same applied to the original show too, and everyone improved as the series went on :D Still, can't help but wonder how it might have sounded if someone like Azula's VA or Mary Jane's VA (from the Amazing Spider-man cartoon) had the lead role instead... *runs off to watch episode 2*

  • The Whitefire Crossing: it was barely a hop, skip and a jump to end up slashing Dev/Kiran through the novel. And Dev being a hot POC character has me all \o\o/o/

  • Cinder: excellent world building and I'm intertested in seeing if and how Kai and Cinder's relationship progresses through the books - though I do get that it's more Cinder's journey and growth that's the focus really XD I absolutely adore original adaptations of myths and fairytales and this novel does it brilliantly. Can't wait for the sequel!

  • Trailers: Amazing Spider-man | Prometheus | The Avengers | Snow White & The Huntsman | Jack the Giant Killer

  • Have mostly caught up with the Naruto manga and I adored the development with the Nine Tails, Minato and Kushina's backstory (the anime episodes had me crying and smiling and crying from the awesome) and Sasuke and Itachi lately...

  • The second Sherlock movie was super fun but I found myself far more shippy with the second season of the Sherlock TV series. It's Benedict Cumberbatch's fault. I do want fanfic recs now but have no idea where to start ;_;
[004] Why is it that Dan looks more like Harry than ever in these photos here for a non-HP movie? The blond is not really my Draco but the scene definitely gives me happy shipper vibes mwhahaha

[005] Season 3 of Community is a bit of a mixed bag for me - Britta definitely has her shining moments but I'm not getting enough Annie and the latest twist with Troy and Abed has me worried >_>

[006] Next month has the potential to be FABULOUS since two things are scheduled to go up: my gen art commish from pokefreak of Zuko and Toph (and Iroh) and my H/D livelongnmarry high fantasy H/D fic from femmequixotic (which y'all might remember from the commish done by samurai-pet here)

still want futuristic!Draco-on-a-hovercraft fic someday tho *grabby hands*
I am also trying to read 100 novels this year - but at least 30 must be dystopian novels or themed.
Ooooh, dystopian!novels aren't a genre I focus on normally (tend to lean far into grim/dark though I do enjoy fiction that's gritty and the heroes still posses spunk and kick ass awesome despite the environment...).

Any other particular themes you're looking at? Oh and are you on Good Reads? Might make it easier to browse the books on your to-read list hahaha...for me at least XD
yeah! I just updated what I've read so far this year, I didn't know that they had a goals list on there!


is my challenge, you can get everywhere from there I think.

That is the only real "theme" I'm focussing on this year. I very much so enjoy fantasy and YA novels, though. I try not to reread books within 2 years, although there are some very good exceptions.

This is my list of what I read last year: http://morningapproach.livejournal.com/tag/50%20book%20challenge%202011 in case you want to peruse what I've already gone through in the past :)
Hi, sorry, this is probably really random, but I just found your journal and am flailing over all your fan art recs. So much good stuff in one place! :)

Do you mind if I friend you? I love your enthusiasm for fan art, since I'm very much a fan art person myself. :)

(Also, holy crap you're right about those Dan Radcliffe pictures! Why didn't they make him look like that in the actual Harry Potter films...)

<3 <3 Friend away! I'm addicted to pretty fanart (the off shoot of this being commissions and a lack of funds haha) XD

If you'd like more recs, my favorites on DeviantART are up to date and organized into folders for preference:

Now if we get fanart based on that version of Dan.... *_*
Thanks, added! :)

Oh no, I probably shouldn't click that link, deviantart favourites always suck me in for hours... XD